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Behind My Back |A Randy Orton Love Story|
Story published November 30, 2012 · updated December 2, 2013 · completed · 35 pages · 1,086 readers · 11,631 reads
|Chapter 5|
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|Chapter 5|


Just then I realized he wasn't smirking at me
He was smirking at alanna pointing at him Urghh stupid me.
"Lets Go Dwad!!!" alanna said in excitement.
"Where's Mrs.Orton?" Michael Cole said confused.

Alanna's Smile quickly disappeared into a sad dully face her eyes teared up as she was trying her best to wipe her tears before she started bursting out crying.
"Oh no Alanna Don't Cry Sweetie" I said felling sorry for her
I quickly picked her up and calmed her down.
She really wanted her mom with her.
The Arena Blast with music of Wade Barrets theme song
He walked down the ramp with his handsome face.
He was handsome but wasn't handsome than randy.
There were more boos than cheers for wade barret.

He went to the announce table while walking backwards looking at randy orton putting on a devilish smile.
He grabbed a microphone and slid to the ring he pointed at me holding alanna. while the scantron was on all of us. he putted the microphone to his mouth ready to speak.
"Alanna...Orton enjoy your babyish cries while I show your dad whos the real champion is!"

Randy Grew angrier with vanes across his forehead. While Alanna was getting teary eyed.
Randy sliddered out the ring attacking wade barret he slid him into the ring getting ready for
his rko finisher move. he was waiting as wade slowly got up while stumbiling back a little.
Randy grabbed his neck But got doged by wade pushing him off and quickly getting out of the ring while walking backstage.

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When Randy Orton's Theme Song Blasted through the arena the whole crowd cheered with roars.
Alanna crept up a little smile
I giggled at how the way she smiled she looked just like her handsome dad.
The show was ended by shaparons throwing out t-shirts and stuffed wwe toys.
We went backstage while alanna was showing me the way to randy's room
I gulped when I saw the tag the says randy orton in big bolty letters.
I stared at the door.
"Knwock you swilly mwom" blaire said as alanna knocked on the door with her little knuckles.
before the blink of my eyes the door opened with randy's head sticking out
My heart beated fast.
"Hey dwaddy congrwats!!" alanna said as randy was picking her up.
"And dwad awllona took cware of me instwead of the bwodygwaurd" alanna said pointing at me while randy putted her down.
"Oooo! have a pwincess doll hwouse" blaire said in excitement.
"yeah cwome on lets plway" she said dragging her into randy's room.
Just before I knew it noah ran in there quickly when I turned around.
My heart beated even faster than it was before.
We were quiet for a second until randy spoke.
"Hey Allona" randy said grabbing my hand
I felt sparks on through my body Then I turned around and gulped.
"Thanks for watching alanna her mother never watched her when im in the ring she just gets a security guard to watch her." he said smiling:
I felt bad at what he said about his wife not watching over there daughter It made me fell really guilty.
"You Are Welcome" I said shyly.
"And im also sorry about What happened today this early mor-"
"Its okay I Understand I really do" I smiled
We all Talked for a little while it turns out that he was very charismatic and funny I
don't even know why Samantha turned him down he seems like a nice guy and also Handsome and really sweet to me He is turning out to be my best friend now.




Story Written By ~ Angela Testerman