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Roses and Thorns. -ON HOLD-
Story published December 1, 2012 · updated January 19, 2013 · 54 pages · 231 readers · 2,401 reads
Chapter Three.
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Chapter Three.

Alexis' P.O.V

I was sitting down drinking coffee with Mrs. Miller and she was talking, nonstop. I nodded and laughed sometimes to make it look like I'm interested. I still can't believe what that pathetic loser said to me upstairs. "Alexis? Alexis?" I heard Mrs. Miller saying. I realized I zoned out for a minute and I focused my attention on Mrs. Miller. "Your mom called, she said it's okay if you spend the night. You can sleep in Keith's room tonight." She said. I nodded and got up. "I'll lend you some clothes my daughter, Marlene left behind when she went to college," She said with a smile. I followed her upstairs to a pink room with stuffed animals everywhere and she led me to a closet. "Pick anything you want." She said as she walked out, leaving me to get dress. I looked around until I found some pajamas. I stripped off my dress and high heels, putting them on. I crumpled my dress up and stuffed it in my purse, along with my high heels. When I walked back downstairs, Keith and his mom were talking. He turned around and looked at me, as I glared back at him. Then he started checking me out. Pervert. I scoffed and walked over, sitting on the couch. "Well, I'm going out with some friends mom. Be back by midnight." He said as he walked out of the house, shutting the door behind him. "Well, I'm going to bed. Make yourself out home. There's the remote, watch some tv if you'd like," Mrs. Miller said. She smiled and walked back upstairs. I grabbed the remote and switched on the TV, roaming the channels. I finally found that 21 jumpstreet was on so I turned up the volume and started watching it. Time flied by so fast, I didn't even realize it was 1 AM. Keith said he'd be home by midnight. He's probably banging some girl in the back of his Porsche. I laughed at the though and yawned. My eyelids felt heavy so I just shut them, dozing off into a deep sleep. 


The next morning I woke up, still sleeping on the couch. I got up and there was a sharp pain in my back. I stretched and then got up, noticing I wasn't on the same couch I was on last night. I was at home, on our couch. Woah, that's weird. I got up and walked upstairs to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and taking a shower. I got out of the shower and walked into my room, heading over to the closet. Once I changed, I decided I was too lazy to make breakfast or wake my mom up. I applied a thin layer of lipgloss, put on some pink eyeshadow and left. I walked to starbucks and sat down in a booth alone. "Welcome to Starbucks, where every customer is a star. How may I help you?" A boy about my age said. "Um, I'll have a cappuccino with a poppyseed muffin." I ordered. He wrote it down on his pad, nodded and walked away. Waiting for my food to come, I took my phone out of my pocket checking my facebook. I had one message and one friend request. I looked at the friend request and it read Keith Miller. I sighed and excepted it, might as well have 1 more friend then usual. I decided to go check out his wall, seeing posts from his friends. One from this girl named Jennifer saying "I had fun last night. ;) See you tonight, babe!" I scoffed. I knew it! I might as well show my parents to get me out of this marriage. Then I remembered, the engagement party is today. I looked at the time 2:oo PM. 4 more hours until I have to go. Just then, my order came. I thanked the waiter and started eating.