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Grace Elizabeth Black [Harry Potter]
Story published December 2, 2012 · updated 10 months ago · 52 pages · 1,509 readers · 6,428 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

Thank you for all the comments that you guys post up for chapter 2! Here’s the chapter 3 I hope you enjoy. Like I said I will slowly make Harry and Grace’s relationship better and more romantic but with some twist and in it as well. Please continue to like, comment and continue reading.

Hermione showed Grace the room that they are sharing while Ron following closely behind.
“So Grace, are you going to Hogwarts this year?” Hermione was happy to have another girl besides her, I mean its great to have no drama but sometimes guys is a little bit too much as well. Grace was thinking about it too, she never been to Hogwarts before she was home school, since her mom is worried about her plus she needs to know how to control her powers.
“I’m not sure, I’ve been home schooled since I was little. I heard about Hogwarts and always wonder what it would look like but I’ve never seen it” Her Uncle took the place of Defense against dark magic and she is home alone with Winnie but Tonks was taking care of her for a little and it was nice having a girl to stay with her. Knowing her uncle, he owled her every night telling her how his classes is going and how he met Harry, Ron and Hermione and how troublesome they can be.
“So you…” she hesitated for a bit, Grace felt her being uncomfortable and how she was trying so hard not to mention anything that could be emotional to her. She appreciates it but she doesn’t have to try so hard. Hermione was getting nervous as she ask and talks to Grace, she doesn’t even know what to say to her without having to hurt her feelings. She’s just as curious as Harry to what happen and what does Professor Lupin mean by some kind of shield.
Grace just smiled at Hermione “Don’t worry about me Hermione, you can ask any questions” she laughed, I bet the whole house is curious in what’s going on “Well…” Grace started “I’ve never have a solid friend, I mean I have a few but not a lot. I’ve been with Uncle Remus for about- I’m not sure. He was taking care of me while my dad is in Azkaban” that last part felt a pain in her chest, she read about things what they do to the prisoners of Azkaban, she knows about the Dementors and all the horrible things that goes around there. They reach the room and they saw that Grace’s stuff is already there- she just carry a backpack but it looks like there was more in that pack that she was carrying.
“Winnie is my other guardian and friend that I have while I was home schooled and when Uncle was teaching at Hogwarts. I’m guessing you guys know about…” Hermione and Ron nod. She took a sit from one of the bed; she’s exhausted from this day. She gives out a loud sigh looking at Ron who is standing by the door and Hermione was sitting beside her.
“I didn’t know, Sirius has a house elf” Hermione has this disgust tone in her voice that Grace notice and Ron just chuckled by the door looking at the girls and giving Hermione a smirk. “Pardon Hermione, she doesn’t agree how people treats house elves. She even wanted make a law for them.” Hermione tried not to blush, she knows it might sounds silly but she doesn’t like seeing how they are treated it break her heart. Grace gives an understanding nod “That’s okay, I understand. If it makes you feel better Winnie is a free elf, I didn’t like keeping her around and just doing work all day so I give her a pair of new clothes. My mom did the something but Winnie didn’t want to leave. She told me that she will be forever grateful and likes to serve the Black family- and she will never find a family like that again so she stayed” It made Grace’s heart melt when she remember the time when Winnie told her that and when she is doing homework- it’s either she’s baking some cookies or she’s just sitting beside her just swinging her feet because she was too short to reach the floor and just wait for Grace until she’s done. Winnie even fall asleep while waiting for her. She took care of her and her mom when she was a baby and Grace owes her, a lot.
While Harry was done he followed after his friends seeing them talking to Grace and just having a laugh and smiles. He asked what’s going on and Ron told him that Grace never been to Hogwarts and this year might be the year and she will be going. It’s her fifth like them, which made Hermione even more excited. Harry took a glance at Grace once in while, something about her is really intriguing but doesn’t know what it is. Grace notice it that Harry was looking at her but he hasn’t said anything to her, she notice as anxious he is to ask questions and she can tell how he is around her and how his acting. She doesn’t know what’s his deal but she knows that he’s going to give in and will start asking questions. The twins came in to the room as well pushing Ron and Harry inside the girl’s room
“I’m Fred”
“I’m George” the twins introduce themselves to Grace and she thought they were really funny and interesting. Fred ends up blushing when Grace actually laughs at one of his joke.
“You think that was funny?” Ron asked rising his eyebrows, Grace stop and look at the group in front of her “Why? I am not supposed to laugh?”
“No, no, it’s just … never really gets it except, you” she laugh again, she thought that this group is too serious and stress about things that doesn’t need to be worried even though there is danger out there at least they could do is relax
“Were have you been all my life” Fred said walking to her and grabbing her hand, Grace tried to hide her blush while Fred was just looking at her hazel eyes.
“Fred stop flirting with Grace, Sirius wouldn’t be happy if he found out that you’re hitting on her daughter already” Ron pushed his brother away from there new guest, Fred give out that shock and no way look and Ron just give him that “yes, it’s true” look. Harry standing in the entrance of the door again was quiet. He’s been like this since he got here and he wasn’t sure what’s going on with him. He caught Grace giving him a few smile and looking at him so he knows that he still part of the conversation. He’s thought was quickly interrupted when the twins said something about spying on the adults in the kitchen and they were talking about the something of army that Dumbledore has created since the Dark Lord is alive. Grace soon follows the trio and the twins when they drop a piece of ear that reach the first floor were everybody is talking. Everybody is listening and Grace didn’t even notice that to her right harry was standing beside her and to her left was Fred who was holding the other piece of the ear for them to listen. Harry shoulder was touching Grace’s slightly giving him goose bumps for some reason but when beside Fred, Ginny was standing there as well, listening. She give him a warm smile giving that look I’m happy your okay look. He couldn’t help but smile back. He’s not sure what’s going on with him lately with having this crush on Cho and then there’s Ginny. Life couldn’t get easier.
“Grace needs to go to Hogwarts this year, she can’t stay here or hidden. Hogwarts is safest place so far” it was Sirius
“What about Harry?” everyone was looking at him curious; of course they know this would be about him. Harry tried not to look back but Grace just kept listening- as much as she is afraid about the attack and the death eaters. She knows that she would be a great asset to the Order and she knows that her mom would have done the same thing.
“Grace would be able to protect Harry, Ron and Hermione. You know how troublesome they are but with Grace’s powers. They would be alright, she’s a strong girl” Sirius said again. Ron and Hermione can’t help but blush, they knew that its always them three who snoops around the school and getting themselves into trouble but what they catch the most is when they said ‘Grace’s powers’ what does Sirius mean by that.
“But she’s still young Sirius. You can’t just give her that as a responsibility” Molly said in a concern voice.
“I know Molly but I thought about it but Remus is right, she’s a big girl now and her powers will be helpful. We just need to train her so can discover more of her powers. I know the things that Amy used to tell me. She is a protector too and she even wrote a journal of what the powers can do and capable of doing” Grace flitch knowing that what her mother told her will happen eventually. She’s not scared but it was so suddenly and what if she fails? What if Harry … she doesn’t even want to go there.
“I think she would be a great member of the Order too” Remus added
“Remus! How can you say that? She’s in danger and so is Harry. If we let Grace and then I know Harry would want to join too. We have to keep them safe,” Molly protested and the rest of the Order is quiet.
There was tugging in the ear that they were using-Fred tug back and look down at the bottom.
“Bloody hell Hermione, your cat is playing with the ear” Hermione look down as well and quietly yelling at her to get off but in the end. He ate the ear and left. The group sighs in defeat- Grace started walking back to the room and getting some clothes to change into. It’s been a long day and she need to relax and not think about what her father just talked about. Yes, she wanted to protect Harry but how is she going to do it? She does have the powers to do but it’s not like she knows all of it yet. Grace sighs wishing that her mother were here to tell her what to do. The rest of the group went inside the room as well just looking at the ground.
“So you’re joining the Order then?” Harry asked Grace but it sounded kind mean, Hermione give him a look.
“Harry, don’t start. Grace had a rough day and it’s not like she wanted to be. Sirius said that she’s important to the army. We don’t need to be starting a fight about it” Hermione said in a stern voice, Grace just didn’t say anything- she was looking down on the floor. She doesn’t even know what to think about this and now Harry is upset about it; great now that she’s making friends she’s also making an enemy.
“Hermione, it’s fine. I’m not sure what to do yet and my dad hasn’t talk to me yet. It’s just a plan so far. So… I guess whatever he decides,” she said shrugging it off, which is true it’s not a big deal. It just means she just needs to learn more about her powers.
“Well whatever it is. I’m in and I don’t care what they say. I saw him out there and he’s back- we need to stop him” Harry was getting upset every minute. Ron step up beside his best friend
“Come on mate, there’s no point of getting upset about it. Like Grace said it’s just a plan. Nothing is set in stone yet” Ron grab his shoulder but Harry brushed it off
“I just want to finish him off. The things he did to me parents and Cedric. He kill them and he will not stop until he gets what he wanted!” Harry yelling at Ron and he turned to Grace and Hermione. The girls is both shock at the sudden outburst of Harry, they don’t understand why he’s getting all work up about this. Maybe this why they don’t want him to join because he was too eager to hunt the Dark Lord down and it worries them. It’s like an obsession at the same time but to be able to find him Harry needs to be level headed. Grace tried not to talk back at Harry- she understand how it feels when the Dark Lord has return and she knows what he wanted and he will not stop until he does get it.
“I don’t understand, why his after her!” Harry points at Grace, leaving her shock “Like what did she do and why is he after you?” Hermione stood up from her sit with her hands in her hips
“Harry, shut up. Just stop it. This is non of your business” Grace stood beside Hermione
“You don’t know? You don’t know me and your pointing fingers already?” She laugh, this Harry Potter guy is just something else is he? Maybe she’s wrong about him
“I am what they called a protector Harry, maybe you should search that up. I am one and only protector so far that have survive! My mother is just like me and she died! She died Harry trying to protect your ass and trying to help your mom and dad! And she died protecting me!” she tense up curling her hands into a fist.
“And my dad, yes your Godfather went to Azkaban trying to catch that guy who betrayed your father! He’s the keeper and he was working with the Dark Lord. And to tell you the truth, I am your last resort and can possibly save your life from getting killed! So don’t you dare point your finger at me because I don’t even want to be in the Order but I have too, to finish what my mother started and protect you but right now you’re not really on my good list” She spat at him, how dare he just point fingers and he doesn’t know her! This is so disappointing and making her blood boil. She storm out the room grabbing her change of her with her. Hermione ran after Grace giving Harry a shame look leaving Ron with him. Ron was just watching and was taken back that Grace yelled at Harry back. He sighs giving him best friend a pat in the back.
“Come on mate, she has a rough day. We all do, right now knowing you- know-who is out there. All we need is to stick together and I know she’s new to the group but I know Grace needs a friend right now. She’s been home schooled when she was young. You know how it feels being alone and thinking that she has nothing anymore”
“Yeah but she has Sirius, Lupin and Winnie” he said crossing his arms
“Yeah that’s true but for all she knows, she probably think that her father is died thinking that he was lock up in Azkaban” Harry didn’t say anything and just look at Ron. Ron just nods at him and give him a small smile, knowing that smile. He knows he needs to apologize to Grace. Now, she thinks that his total ass.
Grace stormed out of room with Hermione trailing behind her, she doesn’t know how pissed she is at Harry.
“Grace, where are you going?” Hermione asked following her new friend. This is her new girl friend that is going to Hogwarts and Harry is not going to mess anything up. He better apologize soon or else she will have a fit.
“Do you know where the bathroom is?” Grace stop walking she doesn’t know where she’s going but all she need right now is a nice bath before dinner time
“I’ll show you and sorry about Harry he just have it rough lately” Grace just grunted in response “I know both of you guys do but I’m sorry on his behalf” she felt bad that Hermione is saying sorry- she just exploded too. She can’t take it with all of this pressure and the Dark Lord and everything.
“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have yelled at him back. It’s just its scary you know? They were this close in kidnapping me and worst they could have killed Uncle Remus and then what? What happen to Tonks? She’ll be devistated if she found out that his died… because of me” People can’t keep dying because of her if anything happen to anyone in this house, she rather be died than them but what about her father? She can’t be selfish either
“Grace don’t take this too hard on yourself. We all work together but for now just relax and I’ll just call you when dinner is ready” She give a smile and Grace smiled at her back and murmured her thanks.
Harry and Ron went downstairs to the living room where Grace entered a few hours ago. They went and ask the house elf if there’s a book around the house that talks about Protectors and so happen that they did find one.
“It says here that protectors are powers given by the moon. They are chosen as guardian or protectors against evil or the magic world” Ron read it out loud while Harry listen and continue to stare at the fire at the fire place. He notice how they were dancing and just bright warming looking they are, he thought to myself. Maybe having to yell at Grace was really an ass move- he’s not usually like this but now sometimes he feels angry all the time.
“Listen to this, Protectors has a ability to shield themselves to the 3 unforgiveable curses. Nothing can get through even apparition is not possible. It is believe that the moon gives them this purpose to balance out the good and evil that was sent upon the magic and muggle world” Harry looked at Ron, did he just say a shield against the 3 curses? That’s why Grace’s mother wanted to protect his family because she knows that she can do it that maybe they could still be alive. Ron knew what Harry is thinking so he just closes the book.
“As far as I know nothing can stop the 3 curses but I guess there is a solution to the problem” Harry just nod and Hermione came in to the room and sat beside Ron, she said hi to the guys leaning her head into Ron’s shoulders.
“Mione I’m sorry about earlier” Harry said looking at her, she nod at him looking at the fire too
“It’s okay Harry, don’t apologize to me and I understand that both of you guys have a rough day but please try not to get under each other’s skin? We need each other and right now fighting doesn’t help”
“I know” Harry said quietly and hung his head low, he gets it he made a mistake and he will say sorry to Grace. After an hour Mrs. Weasley called everybody that dinner was ready. Hermione got up going back upstairs to tell Grace that dinner is ready while the guys head to the kitchen where everybody is gathering up for the big food.
A few minutes later Hermione comes in telling them that Grace is just finishing up her bath and she soon followed. Grace walked in to the kitchen everybody is sitting and just talking about random things- she decided to sit beside Sirius giving him a kiss in the cheeks and sitting beside Lupin as well.
“How are you feeling?” her dad asked, she push away for thoughts that is running through her head and give out a warm smile
“I’m good, the bath helped out a lot and I’m hungry,” he laugh and smiled at her, how she misses her dad and it’s good to see how is back and well he is. Now, she can sleep tonight without a worry.
Food was past around the table and jokes was throw around as well, as usual the twins is making everybody laugh in result just making Mrs. Weasley made and telling them to stop but the tins just laugh. Remus and Sirius was telling the table how troublesome they were when they were that age but good thing no one was upset when they mention James’s name but they just end up laughing with the two. Harry notice that when Grace enter the kitchen she didn’t even look at him or even look around the room she was went straight to Sirius and Lupin and from there she didn’t look at him. He can tell that Fred was occasionally flirting with her once a while and laughing at his jokes every time the twins said something. Now he felt really bad- he was sitting just right across from his Godfather. She doesn’t even glance at him; he really made Grace mad that she doesn’t want to look at him. Tonight, after dinner he will say sorry to her. 

Hey guys! I hope you like Chapter 3, I gotta say I have fun writing this and I hope to write the 4th one by tomorrow and I know I don't updated as I usually tell you guys but I still updated in the end right? that's all that matter but anyways comment, like, and keep on reading. Thanks guys ♥ 

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