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Raven Potter-ssls
Story published December 2, 2012 · updated September 7, 2013 · completed · 234 pages · 17,918 readers · 306,664 reads
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That's what Raven Looks Like ----->
Harry's POV

I watched as Raven finished preparing the cake with Petunia. Aunt Petunia adored Raven. It's because Raven shows no signs of magic(little did she know that Raven already got her letter), and because she looks nothing like Mum or Dad. "Thank you, Deary! Oh, do go and rest, Raven. You look pale," Petunia cooed. As much as I wanted to snap at Petunia for treating her different was because I love my sister. Poor Raven. She is a sickly little girl. She's been home schooled her whole life. She desperately wanted to go to Hogwarts with me, but she hadn't a letter at the time. Hermione sent her textbooks over winter break. Raven studied up and was prepared for my year. Dumbledore was allowing her to be in her second year because I told him I wanted to look after her.

When I went upstairs to join Raven, I found her jumping on the bed with elf? She sat down as soon as she saw me. "Harry!" She smiled brightly. I will never tire of seeing her. She always looked at me like I was her favorite person in the world. "This is Dobby! He's a House-Elf!" she chirped.

"Your supposed to be resting. You'll get ill again," I warned her. I never liked the sight of her ill. She has a rare illness that strikes randomly. It'll leave her in bed for at least a week, and the smallest of touches would make her flinch in pain.

"Oh, please Harry! I'm not tired, and we have company too...besides, I always do regret how they make you do more work," She pouted. Dobby looked up at her amazed. "Besides, we have company!" She said curiously looking at Dobby. "Dobby, this is Harry. He's my brother!" Raven said proudly. Dobby's eyes sparked with interest.

"Harry Potter!" He said in the highest pitch of voice. "So long has Dobby wanted to meet you, sir...Such an honor it is..."

"Th-thank you," I said as I sat down on at my desk. I noticed Hedgwig was asleep. Raven laid on her stomach and propped her head up with her hands. "Are you a house-elf, Dobby?" She asked. I thought Dobby would take it rudely, but he instead nodded.

"Dobby came here to...Dobby came to tell Harry Potter...It's difficult to say...where to begin?" He asked himself.

"Why don't you sit down?" I offered politely.

"You can sit beside me!" Raven chirped. To our horror, Dobby burst into tears-very noisy tears. I heard Uncle Vernon's voice from downstairs falter. I gulped. "Oh! Please don't cry! We didn't mean to offend you, Dobby! I'm sorry!" Raven apologized.

"Offend Dobby!" Choked Dobby. "Dobby has never been asked to sit down by a wizard- like an equal!" He looked up at Raven and me with teary eyes of adoration. I would have said something, but Uncle Vernon called Raven downstairs. Aunt Petunia may love Raven, but Uncle Vernon hates her. She looked pale and slowly made her way out of the room, leaving me with Dobby.

Uncle Vernon was glaring at me hatefully. "What were you doing, Girl?" He asked glaring. I looked to my feet and looked at his guests. He wanted to impress them. Maybe if I could help him, he won't hate me anymore! I smiled softly.

"I was studying...I'm a year above my age level! Uncle Vernon is very intelligent! Dare I say, He's the reason why I am so smart!" I boasted. The couple looked impressed, but Vernon looked confused. "He teaches me well. He is so intelligent, only idiots would turn him away. He speaks highly of you. Wow, you two are so inspiring! I do hope to be as successful as you both are," I complimented his guests. They looked completely flattered.

"Why, what a lovely young girl you've raised Vernon!" Mrs. Mason complimented, Vernon spared me a look of thanks and took off on more butt-kissing. I sat through and paid no more attention until I saw a cake Hovering over. My jaw dropped. Harry came around the corner trying to catch it without being noticed by the Mason's. I got up and quietly made my way over trying not to be noticed. By the time I got over to him. It dropped over Mrs. Mason's head. The cake tasted good! How do I know? I took the cake to the face to save Ms. Mason, who hadn't noticed anything. Petunia mouthed her thanks, and I hurried out of the room into the kitchen. Harry was rambling about Dobby being behind the floating cake. I ignored him and washed off the cake. When I finished Harry hurried me upstairs before going back downstairs. I sighed and laid down. I was angry. Harry was always very protective of me. I love him, but sometimes I envy him. He was always so brave, strong, and amazing. He had the most beautiful eyes from our mum, and the best hair thanks to dad. He's lucky. I am made up of all the leftover scraps I guess.

I had wine-colored eyes, and long thick chocolate hair. I was lucky to look decent, so I am not saying I'm ugly. I'm just not as good looking as Harry. I am weak, plain, and small. I was a speck of dust in comparison to my brother.

"Love is powerful, but passionate love is even more so. Passion can drive a person to do the impossible. I love people, as friends and family, but here's the thing. When I love, there is always passion. This here is practically impossible  .. the girl who went here about seven years ago, she couldn't have done this. I'm not the same girl. I can do things I never thought I could do...
~Raven Potter

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