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Opposite Meet Opposite *Finished*
Story published December 4, 2012 · updated August 1, 2013 · completed · 41 pages · 70,066 readers · 892,256 reads
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Alyssa Noble

        The crowd was cheering wildly as the running back, Elliot Kendle, made another touchdown. The score was tied and if he made this field goal then we won our first game, setting off the season on a good foot. I was sitting on the bench reading my novel, trying to finish it, while my best friend Kiley Jay was jumping up and down in excitement. She shook my arm as I was turning the page. "If Elliot makes this field goal we win!" She screams over the crowd, I give her a fake smile to amuse her. Kylie has been friends with Elliot since the second grade, a year before I came to this school. I never liked him very much, it seemed like he used his amazing talent to get girls and popularity. It was people like him that made me so angry. I shook my head shaking the thought of him out of my head. Suddenly my book was thrown out of my hands, as I was shoved up. The crowd was going absolutely ballistic as the football soared through the air and into the goal. I groaned and went to get my book, which was not in the muddy bottom of the field. 

        Kylie tagged along with me, because she wanted to see Elliot before he left the game. After I got my book I walked up to Elliot and Kylie hugging each other, while I awkwardly stood behind Kylie. Once they were done hugging she shoved me forward to meet the guy, "Elliot this is Alyssa, Liz this is Elliot." I waved my hand and put on another fake smile, he just wore a smirk and nodded towards me. I arched an eyebrow at his attitude, and rolled my eyes. "So Elli," Kylie said putting on her flirting voice. "I'm having a party Friday night and was wondering if you wanted to come?" He never took his eyes off me, looking at me like I was a piece of meet. I was wearing a baggy sweater and leggings with old converse, I still had my reading glasses on. "Sure," he said, not even looking at her. "Great, see ya then!" She said, then pulled me out to her mom's car, where they took me home. 

        When I got home, Jacob was probably still at the game with his friends. He was also on the team, but he was the quaterback. Jacob is my older brother, who is eighteen and this is his last year in high school. I went up to my room before saying hi to my parents, once I got into my room I saw my little fourteen year old sister Sarah sitting on my bed watching TV. "Hey Sarah!" I say flopping down on the bed next to her, "shut up Teen Wolf is on." She says clutching the remote to her heart, "you know, you have no shot with him." I say pointing to the main character, "just ruin my dreams why don't you?" She says, throwing the remote at my head and heading out. I smirk at her and change the channel to something interesting. My mom comes into my room and smile's sitting on my bed, I wish I looked like my mom. She had light blonde hair and icy blue eyes, she was beautiful and I was just "How are you, honey?" She asked, stroking my brown hair, that has a natural bounce to it. "Fine, we won." I tell her, she catches on that I don't want to talk and leaves the room. My phone starts to ringing, "wanna go to a party?"
^^Picture is Alyssa Noble^^