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Opposite Meet Opposite *Finished*
Story published December 4, 2012 · updated August 1, 2013 · completed · 41 pages · 67,386 readers · 858,278 reads
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Alyssa Noble

The first thing I noticed when I enter the house is the faint smell of cinamon and pine, it was an intoxicating smell. I sniffed in as much as I could, before my lungs were filled with the scent. I let out a long sigh and smiled, I started to walk into the living room, but then a strong grip pulled me back. 
"What the he-" I say, before I come face to face with Elliot.
"Just to warn you, my parents can be a little...snobby." He tells me, I roll my eyes and yank my arm from his grip.
"I think I'll be fine." I laugh at you and walk back into the living room. First that came into view was his father, how was sitting in a room right across from the door way. I was able to get a good look at him, he had dark hair that was starting to gray at the roots. He had sophisticated looking glasses, and from the dim lighting in the room, it looked like his features were very defined. I could tell where Elliot and Steven got their good looks.
"Who is this pretty girl?" I hear a women's voice say, I turn around and come face to face with a blonde women. She was about a few inches taller than me, who had sandy blonde hair, and green eyes. Her face was flawless, not a single blemish on it. I suddenly felt very insecure around all of these beautiful people. 
"Mom, this is Alyssa, Alyssa this is my mom." Elliot says,
"Hello Alyssa," she says, shaking my hand.
"Hi Mrs. Kindle." I say quietly, my voice suddenly becoming hoarse.
"Oh, please, call me Jenifer." Jenifer says, I smile and nod. They didn't seem that bad, I haven't met the father yet, but how snobby could he be? I ask myself.
"Come on, hurry upstairs before my dad comes out." Elliot said ushering my upstairs, but before we could get to the stair case. 
"You trying to hide your little lady from me?" A stronge and deep voice, I twist my head to look at the person. He was at least six foot two, he had intimidating eyes. They were the kind that just saw right through you, I shivered as he fixed his eyes on me. 
"Of course not dad. We just have studying to do." He lied right through his teeth, he then put his hand on my back and pushed my forward slightly. 
"I'm Ray," the man smiled and shook my hand. His hands were at least twice the size as mine, and cold. I shivered as they touched mine.
"Alyssa." I said, smiling a fearful smile. He must have saw the flash of fear because he quickly released my hand. I was then dragged upstairs with out further notice. 
"Sorry about my parents." Elliot blushed, "and my brother." He added, I laughed and just nodded siting on his bed. It was comfy, no doubt many of girls have been on this. The thought of that was so disgusting it made me get off and sit on the floor, Elliot looked at my strangely so I made a funny face at him, causing him to laugh. And for that moment, I must have felt something spark. Maybe it was a connection, or maybe it was the fear of knowing he's done this a million times.