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Carl grimes love story~
Story published December 4, 2012 · updated January 21, 2013 · 29 pages · 859 readers · 7,011 reads
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"shut up Alissa. your going to get us  killed" as soon as i said that , she was quiet , sitting on the bed , in the empty house we just raided through for food , blankets , and simple other things."okay now hold on , lemme get more ammo in my gun and we'll be done" i said talking to Alissa . i loaded my gun and put it in my holster.and i put my knife in the same part as the gun because it was small enough to fit.i got everything in the bag and zipped it shut."okay Liss we are ready" i said slinging it over my shoulder and looking out the windows making sure we were all clear."all clear" i said grabbing Alissa . i silently opened the door and ran to the place that looked the emptiest which was to my right. We kept running and Alissa was silent like iv'e been telling her to be for almost a year that we have  been in this mess.we ended up walking now for about an hour killing zombies  from here to there. we stopped in front of a tree when we saw a big building . but there were so many walkers around it. there was no way we could get through , into the empty , walker free land. but i did know how to try and get someones attention , without getting mom and dad showed me , they also taught me how to kill walkers. i attracted a walker walking by , by yelling . he came over as i lay on the ground with my sister . grabbing a stick so when i was done with my trick , i could stick it through his hallow head and kill him. i took my knife and plugged my nose as i cut his stomach open , letting everything fall on me.i almost forgot about this , but you have to be careful when you do it because , if you don't kill the walker quickly , he could bite you any were . that's why i never do it. then i took my stick and stuck it in its eye and kicked it back . now that i'm full of zombie guts , i can actually walk freely.i walked up to the gates , and stood there , waiting for some one . but no one was was probably a dead zone , but if it was....then how did it look walker free? if someone is in there , then it would have to be about 100 because its hard to clear a yard of zombies. i walked around the building trying to find a way in , or someone that could let us in. i walked to the back and found a broken , almost destroyed part of the building , access to inside.but what if there was no inside? what if it was just filled with walkers? "no more asking questions" i told myself , as i was getting my flashlight read to go in . i shined it in the building and saw nothing. i walked in slowly , but it was really creeping me out. i wanted to turn around , but i knew , that maybe i would find something , in this building , that could keep me and my sister safe. but again , we can never be safe right now. almost the whole population of the world are zombies.i shook my head , clearing all the thoughts out, still looking for any signs of walkers , as the blood on me started to dry up , i knew i was screwed if a group of zombies happened to come across me.i flashed my light in the different walkways , that led to different rooms , looking behind me , as the light from outside dimmed , because i was getting further into the building.i shined my flashlight in a room , full of walkers . as soon as the light hit their eyes , they chased me. i ran into a hallway , full of more walkers . i ran into another , that came from the other two i just got trapped in . i ran into a room , that had led to another room , but i couldn't just keep running, i told Alissa to sit in a corner as i tried killing all the zombies , i didn't scream , although i did make a lot of noises accidentally . but they wouldn't leave . they kept coming , from different rooms , different hallways , they all knew i was here. i was trapped , with that one room left to run , but what if i just ran into more walkers? so i stayed in the room i was in , the noise i was making was growing bigger and louder. almost all of them killed , but i was out of breath , i couldn't do much more after this. my arms were weak , and my legs were weak . i heard noises coming from the room , i didn't dare enter yet. i got my gun and pointed it towards that way though, and my knife the other way.i put my gun down and shot at the zombies i was facing at the moment, and killed them , i ran in the direction of the noise i heard with Alissa. i had my gun ready though , pretty sure it was a walker. something came towards me and i tripped over it . i looked up at it and pointed my gun towards it. and it did the same to me. but it was different , it was a human. "please don't kill me" i whispered out of breath.he looked down at me and helped me up . "you have to go , i just attracted a whole lot more of them" i said grabbing Alissa. he knew i was talking about the walkers. "follow me " he said leading me some were "no." i said . "what?" he looked shocked that i wasn't listening to him "how do i know i can trust you? i don't even know you" i said . " listen , there isn't anyone you can trust anymore , but i can help you. " he said motioning his hand towards the way he was leading us. i know i was being stupid by saying , no. why did i even say that. he was a human , and there wasn't much "human" any more in the world.i followed him with Alissa in my arm and i could tell i was in a prison , as i was passing by , cells and rooms .he brought me into a room , were it was clean and other people. he closed the door,and he went to the other side of the gate that divided where we were from were he and the rest of his group was."what are you doing ?" i said grabbing the gate and looking at his group . "that's your side , and this is our side" he said , as everyone on his side stared at me. "i thought you were going to help us" i said giving him a weird look. "i am . now walkers have no access to you" he said . " hey you call them walkers to!" i said smiling . then i closed my eyes and remembered what just happened "wait you cant do this...leave us in here like this...were not infected .. we didn't get bit.we don't have 'coodies' . " i said . "your safe , you have water , and food , everything you need." a guy with crutches said. then a guy with a bit of a beard said "yeah , you and your kid have time together.go bond" he said laughing and turning around. i put both of my hands on the gate."you don't understand though" i said desperate for a minute of their attention. they just all turned away and did their things."this isn't my kid!this is my sister and she's to. i'm only thirteen!" i yelled still hoping they could hear me and let me in. then they all slowly turned around facing me. then a man with a bow and arrow walked towards me. "wheres your parents kid?" he said giving me a strange look.i looked at the ground , tapping my feet together , frowning. "umm..they both got bit...and i had to...kill them" i said trying to explain it to them without crying. they all just stared at me."i'm Jane , and this is Alissa." i said introducing ourselves finally . then they all went around saying their names. "i'm Lori  , i'm Rick , i'm Daryl ,i'm Maggie , i'm Glenn , i'm Carol , i'm Hershel , i'm Beth , and i'm Carl." my eyes widened. "so tell me about yourselves." i said trying to get to know them "well , i'm married to Rick , and Carl is our son, but i'm also having another soon" Lori said. i smiled , and Hershel said "Beth , and Maggie are my daughters " . and Maggie said . "Glenn is my boyfriend" they all explained themselves , and now it was my turn "my name is Jane Williams. I'm thirteen , and i had to take care of my sister alone , for a year now. You guys are the only humans iv'e seen since this apocalypse thing. And my sister is Alissa , And she is two. That's all for now i guess."i said we all smiled."please let me in" i begged."sorry , cant" Rick said. i sighed and sat in a corner near the door.but its not like i was pouting or anything , i was tired.i must of hit something , because as soon as i did , the door unlatched and walkers came in , i started screaming , because my sister was unprotected , and my shirt was caught in the door , i slid my shirt off and kicked a walker off me. i took my gun and started shooting at them , and everyone watched at first , but didn't do anything except ran to a part of the rooms , but i saw they were grabbing their weapons . Rick slid me a knife and i killed most of the walkers with them. but as i looked over , my sister was screaming , and a walker was on her . i stabbed it , and kicked it off , as i saw her crying with a bite on her arm , i almost started crying as i was just staring at the bite , reminding me of memories from my parents , and now making me think what i'm going to have to do to her. the others were helping me get rid of the walkers as i closed the door so no more could get in. i breathed heavily tearing up , walking to my sister. kissing my hand and placing it on her forehead . "i love you" i said to her pointing my gun towards her head and shooting her. they all stared at me"i have no one...." i said walking to a cell and sitting on the bench , with my knees pulled up to my chest , thinking about everything that just happened.i got up off the bench about ten minutes later, and went to get my shirt off the door and i put it on."show me your weapons" Rick said. "what?" i said , wondering why he even cared. "SHOW ME YOUR WEAPONS." he said loud and strictly . i gave him a dirty look and pulled my gun out of my holster and handed it to him . "a pistol..." he said , "come on open up the bag" he added. i opened the back and pulled out a flashlight , food , and now my weapons . "a glock 17 , and a pocket knife..." he said , stopping because i had no others.i got on my knees , wiping the sweat off my forehead "please let me in...please?"i begged on my knees . he gave me a strange look and opened the gate . my eyes widened and i went over to hug him ," thank you so much!" i said happily . " your going to sleep in a cell with Beth though." he said. "okay" i said smiling and grabbing my stuff. "but wait..mind if i take your bag?" he said grabbing it. "go ahead" i said sitting at a table with Lori , and Carl." so hun were are you from.?" Lori asked "i don't know..." i said thinking."oh , well its okay... you've probably been gone from home for a long time" and she put my hair behind my ear."i have , but i'm so glad i found you guys ... if i didn't decide to come in , i would of still been out their , with the walkers..its pretty scary...when your by yourself , because most of the time , there are so many, that you tell yourself you cant."i said , Lori smiled , actually listening to what i was saying. then Daryl walked to me "pretty bad ass " he said.