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Carl grimes love story~
Story published December 4, 2012 · updated January 21, 2013 · 29 pages · 861 readers · 7,013 reads
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"lets move into our own house , together"carl suggested.i laughed at his idea "maybe when were older."he put his head down and smirked. i went and sat on the bed ,and looked at carl.he was perfect , and i loved it."i really do love you."i said to him.his face lit up and he said "i love you to". i smiled and hugged him.then i walked into the bathroom and washed my face.i walked to the fridge and made myself a sandwich. "make me a sandwich"carl said , smiling with his hands in his pockets. "hahahaha...funny"  i said with my mouth stuffed as i walked out of the kitchen.i sat next to rick at he put judy in my lap.i rubbed her back as she started dozing off.then natalie called me "hello?" "hey jane" "hey whats up?" "can i come over?" "yeah sure""okay see yha in twenty minutes." "okay see you then" i hung up and slowly put judy in her crib. she was asleep so that was good that i didnt wake her up. i ran to the room and changed into


and i ran out to the living room. "what are you dressed up for ?" carl asked"natalie." "oh" . i sat down next to rick and turned the tv on and waited for natalie. i heard a knock on the door and i ran to it and opened it. "hey boo" i said kissing natalie on the cheek. she was my best friend , and i wasnt going to act any different for how i did before.