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Darker than Black (Itachi Love story)
Story published December 5, 2012 · updated December 15, 2012 · completed · 80 pages · 5,694 readers · 62,055 reads
My breath is your
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My breath is your breath

Itachi P.O.V.

“She’s not breathing,” Leader-sama said, his eyes widening. “Itachi, she’s not breathing!”

I stared down at Shade’s still form, not quite comprehending what was happening. Shade had just said that she loved me and now her chest wasn’t moving.

I love you… with all… my heart…

“Shade…” I whispered, my eyes widening. “Shade!”

I leapt forward and joined my hands together, pumping my fists down on her chest. I counted in my head up to fifteen and then pressed my ear against her chest, still not hearing a heartbeat. I cursed loudly and tried it all over again, swearing loudly when nothing happened. I did it over and over again, not receiving a single change in her condition. My hands ached from pumping on her chest and soon my eyes overflowed, pouring tears onto her face. Leader-sama sat on his heels the whole time, watching with wide eyes as I tried to revive his daughter to no avail.

“Wake up, Shade!” I begged, still working on her chest. “WAKE UP!”

Her head lolled to the side and I froze, not seeing a single reaction in her face. What had happened? What had happened to the orange haired girl that argued with me all the time? That would threaten to hit me every time I showed her my sharingan? That snuggled closer to me as I held her when she was sick? Where was she? Where did she go?

Not Again…

I gritted my teeth in frustration, raking my hands through my hair painfully. It wasn’t fair! Wasn’t I allowed even a slither of happiness in my life? Was I supposed to live in darkness for the sake of peace and for the sakes of others? Shade wasn’t an Uchiha, why couldn’t she have lived?! It wasn’t her fault, none of it was her fault! I held out a shaking hand and touched her cheek, feeling the warmth begin to fade out of her.

She couldn’t be allowed to die…

I swore loudly and began pumping her chest again, shocking Leader-sama. “Itachi…” he whispered, his voice completely dead. “Stop, she’s already dead.”

“No,” I ground out through my teeth. “Come on you selfish girl! Get up! You’re not allowed to die! Get up!”


“You think you can just go and die on me like that?!” I yelled at her, gritting my teeth. “You can’t tell me that you love me then go and die!”

I never got to say…

“Shade!” I yelled, sucking in a breath and pressing my mouth to hers, blowing air into her lungs.

I love you too…

I pulled away and filled my lungs again, repeating the entire sequence all over again. I leaned over her, allowing my lungs to become her lungs. I entwined my fingers with hers and squeezed them tight, never wanting to let her go. Even if there was just a sliver of hope, even if it was a one in a million chance, I would always take it.

My breath shall become your breath.

My heart shall become your heart.

My life shall become your life…

I pulled back, ready to take another breath when I suddenly felt something in her chest; a steady thumping. I widened my eyes and watched as her chest rose and fell of its own accord. I sat back on heels, staring at her for a few seconds before I allowed a relieved smile to spread across my face. I glanced at Leader-sama to find him in the same state, unbelievably relieved yet also shocked at the same time.


Shade P.O.V.

My body was unbelievably heavy, almost as if it were made of lead. I groaned and cracked open my aching eyes, feeling as I hadn’t slept in a millennia. The world was blurred and I had to blink multiple times before it became clear enough to see. A shadow was leaning in close to my face and I blinked, trying to focus on it.

“Hi, Sleepy head,” a familiar voice said and the figure above me smiled.

“Daddy?” I asked, my voice hoarse.

He smiled and nodded and I smiled tiredly back at him. “What happened?” I croaked, trying to sit up and failing.

“I’ll tell you later,” he whispered, pulling me onto his lap. I rubbed my cheek against the material of his black and red cloak and buried further into his lap, enjoying being so close to him. “For now, let’s just head home.”

“Will Mummy be there?” I asked, feeling him pick me up in his arms.

He froze and stared down at me in shock. “What?” he asked, his voice filled with horror.

“I’m sorry I left the house alone, Daddy,” I whispered, leaning back into his hold. “But thank you for saving me from drowning.”

“Shade,” a guy with black hair said, frowning down at me. “How old are you?”

I smiled tiredly at him and held up four fingers. “I’m four right now but in a week I’ll be turning five!” I replied, settling back into my Daddy’s arms. “What’s your name?”


Itachi P.O.V.

I folded my arms and glared at Kakuzu, utterly pissed off. “Look,” he said, sighing as he saw the look I was giving him. “It’s not my fault that she’s become a five year old kid so you can cut the attitude.”

I grumbled some choice words to myself and huffily sat down on the couch. Tobi and Shade were on the floor, playing with a box of blocks that we had salvaged from Tobi’s room. “Tobi built a tower!” Tobi yelled seconds before his tower fell down.

Shade giggled and patted him on the head, grinning. “It’s okay, Tobi,” she said reassuringly. “I’ll help you build another one.” They both giggled and set about rebuilding Tobi’s crude tower.

“What do you think has caused it?” Konan asked, casting worried glances at her God-daughter.

“My guess is Orochimaru partially fried her brain,” Kakuzu replied, watching the two as they knocked over their tower again. “In the space of a few minutes Orochimaru had drugged her, erased her memory and then made her burn from the inside out. I assume that while she was recuperating, her brain switched itself back to the last happy memory that she had.”

“The week before her fifth birthday,” Leader-sama sighed, rubbing his forehead. “That was over twelve years ago though, how could she not have a happy memory since then?”

Kakuzu shrugged and looked at Shade with worry. “Shade’s been through a lot and I’m sure once things begin to calm down her memory will be restored. Until then, nobody is allowed to impose any deal of stress on her,” Kakuzu said, casting a warning glance at everyone in the room. “It could make her condition worse.”

“What I don’t get,” Hidan mused, knitting his fingers together and giving us all a thoughtful look. “Is how Orochimaru made her burn like that?”

“He gave her a curse mark when she was young,” Kakuzu continued, earning the undivided attention of everyone in the room (excluding the childish pair building towers). “When I was treating her burns, I noticed an odd symbol on her tongue. This curse, as you could see, would burn her insides. My guess is that if she ever spoke or touched anything having to do with Orochimaru, including himself, the curse would take effect.”

“That would explain why she never mentioned meeting him before,” Leader-sama grumbled, earning a pat on the shoulder from Konan. “Well, I guess I always wanted to redo her childhood and now I’ve got the perfect chance.”

Everyone in the room nodded and our short meeting was disbanded. I stood up to leave when Leader-sama called me over. “Itachi,” he said, giving me a strange look. “I wanted to say thank you for saving my daughter.”

“Oh,” I said, taken completely by surprise. “It was nothing-”

“But,” he said, cutting me off and giving me a grave look. “When Shade gets her memory back, I’ll need to have a proper talk to you. Trust me when I say I am one of the hardest parents you’ll ever meet with Konan being twice as bad. I don’t like the idea of my daughter falling in love and leaving me so early but I know I can’t stop it. For now, just let her enjoy being a kid again.”

I nodded and swallowed, casting a grievous look at the little girl playing blocks. She was so different to the Shade I knew; care free and fun loving. I almost couldn’t recognise her unless I saw into her deep blue eyes. Even as a child they still held just that hint of sadness that I had become accustomed to. Either something bad had happened in her childhood or the Shade I knew was beginning to resurface.

I nodded once at Leader-sama before sitting down beside Shade and taking a piece of block out of her hand. She glanced at me with child-like curiosity and I smiled back at her, placing the block at an impossible angle yet making it hold its position.

“How did you do that?!” she gasped, pointing at the piece and going wide eyed.

I chuckled and tapped her on the nose affectionately. “I’m magic,” I whispered cheekily.

She puffed out her cheeks and shook her head at me. “No you aren’t!” she said, sticking out a tongue at me. “Don’t lie!”

I laughed, taking her completely by surprise. I ruffled her orange locks and couldn’t help thinking that maybe the two of them weren’t so different after all.


Yeah, this is me trying to extend the story slightly.

I honestly have no clue how she ended up as a five year old living in a 17 year old’s body. It just kinda happened.

Anyway, I’m going to bed so goodnight people!