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Renesmee's Beautiful Sister - Seth Clearwater love story-
Story published December 6, 2012 · updated January 15, 2013 · 10 pages · 2,122 readers · 20,147 reads
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Imprinting -1-

I sat at home waiting for my mommy and daddy to come home. I sighed. They were out with Renesmee again. I was sitting outside. I was by the treaty line. I saw Seth walking around in his wolf form. I smiled. "Sethie!" i screamed. I ran over to him. He smiled his wolf grin at me. I pet him. "Hi Wolfie." i said with a smile. He smiled too. I read his mind. "I like you too Sethie!" i said hugging the huge wolf. I smiled. he said in his mind that my daddy was gonna kill him. i gave him a confused look. "What you mean daddys gonna kill you? Whats imprinting?" i asked. He eyes widened and it looked funny when he was in wolf form.
I started laughing alot. He smiled his wolf grin at me.

I hugged the wolf. "Daddys home get dressed and come on!" i said smiling. He nodded his wolf head. Then went behind the  tree to phase back. He came back and picked me up and carried me to the house. Dad was back and when he saw me he smiled. I smiled widely. "DADDY!" i screamed and jumped off Seth and into dads arms. "Hi daddy." i said smiling. "Seth said you were gonna kill him. "i said. Seths eyes widened. He tensed up. "Oh really why? is that" dad asked. "Something about imprinting on me." i shurgged. Seths got more tense. My mom was the first one up. "YOU DID WHAT!!!!" mommy screamed. I started crying and hugging daddy. "Make mommy stop yelling daddy" i whispered. He nodded. "Bella, stop it. You know he cant help it." Daddy said. Mommy didnt stop. "Its bad enough Jacob imprited on Nessie! Not my Ella too!!" she screamed. I got up and hugged mommys leg. "Mommy please." i whispered. She frowned. She bent down. "I like Sethie. He's cute and fun to play with. HIS HEAD IS BIG TOO!" i said. I head Alice giggle and nod her head. Emmett laughed at Alice.She smiled.

"Just for you. Ella." she whispered. I smiled. "I love you mumma." i said. I ran and hugged Seth. he hugged back. "Now! WHats imprinting?" i asked. ALice sighed, and so did Edward. I looked at them wierd. "WHERES RENNY!!" i screamed. "Sleeping." Edward said. I smiled.
I was so little when it happened. I realized it. I figured it out.
To everyone I was nothing. But my sister she was evrything.
But what they didn't know was when the Voutltri came. It was not because of Renesmee. It was because I was stronger then them.
I was Half Vampire. Half Witch, and ofcourse Half Human. How?
Thats what I would like to know. I watched everyone leave my life.
Slowly and painfully. Even, he didn't help me.