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Why Me? (Sasuke Love Story)
Story published December 7, 2012 · updated 4 months ago · 85 pages · 16,275 readers · 164,776 reads
Chapter 3 - New Te
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Chapter 3 - New Team

I looked at the ground while following a safe distance behind Sakura all the way to the Academy. I avoided any one's eye contact, not like they would be looking or giving me any attention any way, but I'd rather not look any where else. I had to listen to Sakura as she kept going on about Sasuke and saying how great, strong and handsome he was. But half of it i just ignored, I was so busy in my own little world.

When we eventually arrived at the gates of the Academy I saw a massive group of girls surrounding some thing but couldn't quite make out what. But Sakura seemed to know. A giant smile came across her face and she ran forward, pushing her way through the crowd of ther girls while I was left a good distance away from it all.

I continued standing here I was and saw as the crowd started to disappear until only Sakura was left clinging onto Sasuke's left arm and Ino was left clinging to his right. I rolled my eyes at them both as they acted all fan-girly and started to walk into the Academy gates. I began to follow but then suddenly stopped as soon as I saw Sasuke look back over his shoulder at me and showed a light smile. I immediately blushed and looked away, pretending I hadn't seen any thing at all. Then, after making sure he was gone, I followed every one into the Academy and to our class.

I looked around the class and saw Sasuke sitting beside the window of the class and Naruto sitting on the opposite side of the class in the middle row. I let off a small smile and walked over to where naruto was sitting and sat beside him.

"Hi Naruto." I said quietly and smiled at him. Naruto was the only person Sakura allowed me to be around and by now me and Naruto had become as close as brothers and sisters would. He was like the brother I'd never had.

"Hey Oni! How are ya this morning?" Naruto asked while grinning at me and my smile stayed on my face as I nodded at him as if to say I was fine. "Woah! Oni! What happened to your cheek? It's bright red." Naruto almost yelled and looked at me full of concern and worry but I kept smiling.

"Oh this" I poked my cheek, hiding any pain I felt. "It's nothing. I just ran into a door, that's all." I continued and Naruto looked at me with a raised eyebrow. At first I didn't think he was going to believe me but then the grin came back to his face and I mentally sighed.

"Alright. But are you sure it's okay? It looks like it hurts." Naruto said, examining it closely. But I nodded; "Yeah, it's fine Naruto." But before any thing else could be said a cloud of smoke suddenly appeared at the front of the class and I looked from Naruto to it, as Iruka-sensei appeared.

"All right class! I'm sure you know already that you'll be placed into teams of 3 and that will be your new assigned team. So... let's get straight to it." Iruka-sensei said before taking out his clipboard and examining it quickly but thoroughly before starting to call out the names of team one. I placed my head in my hand and leaned my elbow on the table in front of me totally zoning out.

I wasn't bothered who's team I got put in as long as I was with Naruto and wasn't with either Sakura or Sasuke. If Sasuke had been put in my team while Sakura hadn't then there would be hell as soon as I get home or see her every day. So I'm sure it would be best if I would be with Naruto and not Sakura or Sasuke.

Time got on a bit and the names of team 1 to 6 had been called out. Now it was team 7's go. "Okay, now Team 7 will consist of 4 people seen as we have an uneven amount of students in the class. The first member will be Oni Haruno-" I immediately  snapped out of my thoughts as soon as I heard my name being called and I lifted my head out of my hand, looking over to Naruto who was already looking towards me. We both grinned at each other then looked towards the front of the class, waiting for Naruto's name to be called out.

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"YES!!!" Naruto jumped out of his seat and fist pumped the air above him with clenched fists. I smiled and looked up at him but soon looked back to Iruka-sensei as he cleared his throat loudly.

"Naruto, sit back down." Naruto did as he was told and we both grinned widely at each other. Now just for the other 2 members of the team. I crossed my fingers down beside me under the table so no one would see and stared at Iruka-sensei, waiting for the names. "Sakura Haruno." Iruka-sensei said and the words hit me like a brick wall as my eyes widened and I gasped quietly. No! Not S-Sakura. Please. Why did she have to go every where I went?!

"And the last member is Sasuke Uchiha." My eyes widened and I snapped my head over to Sasuke and Sakura jumped out of her seat just as Naruto had done. I looked at him for a few seconds, hearing some of the fan girl moan and complain about not being in Sasuke's team. Sasuke just simply remained there, looking as cool as ever. But then I saw Sakura look in my direction, glaring at me as she sat back down and I quickly snapped my head back to the front of the class.

"I'm doomed..." I heard Naruto groan from beside me and I looked over at him and he was looking at the ground helplessly. I lightly smiled and patted his back. "I'm sure you'll be fine Naruto. At least I'm in your team with you." I said kindly and he looked up at me from the ground.

"Yeah!" He said enthusiastically and grinned at me as Iruka-sensei continued to read out the rest of the names of the team's which were in this class. I zoned out once again, entering my own world once again but I couldn't help but feel some one watching me. I only came back to reality once Iruka-sensei had finished the team's and I looked at Naruto. He was looking at me but didn;t feel like the presence that had been watching me since team 7 had been called out.

I turned around and looked around the class only to see Sasuke quickly look in a different direction as soon as I looked towards him. i raised my eyebrow slightly curiously but quickly shook it off as I noticed Sakura looking at me again.

Me and Naruto then headed out of the classroom after every one else and started to walk towards the room where we had been assigned to meet our new sensei. Sakura and Sasuke both walked behind me and Naruto and I could hear Sakura acting like a fan girl again in front of Sasuke again but I wasn't bothered at all. I was too busy talking to Naruto and feeling the same gaze on me like the one before.

But I forced myself to ignore it and continued my conversation with Naruto as we kept walking.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 
-Martin Luther King Jr.