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Celebrity Crushes - Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson Love Sto
Story published December 8, 2012 · updated February 17, 2013 · 123 pages · 458 readers · 4,019 reads
Chapter 14 - Short
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Chapter 14 - Short Goodbyes

        I kicked Cassie on the back and watched as her and Niall's lips interacted. I heard a bunch of "ooo's" and "aaa's" and suddenly wished it was me and Louis in that spot. BUT CASSIE AND NIALL! YES!
        Eventually it got kind of dark, and we couldn't go back to our rooms since time was up, so we picked up our bags. We had already packed.
        I realized they had reserved until 8 P.M. and it was pitch black out. We were met by Paul who made sure that the boys kept distance from Cassie and I. The boys pleaded for Paul to leave the tour bus here until we got picked up, and he gave in, but said he'd be watching us.
        I sighed and nodded, and Cassie shrugged. I shivered, still wet from the pool, and only wearing my shorts, and sandals. I felt something warm wrap around me, and looked to see Louis holding a few towels. He handed one to Cassie, Niall, Zayn, and Harry. Liam hadn't really been in the pool, just calling out scores and suggesting games. I hope he had fun.
      I noticed some stairs attached to the tour bus, and it lead to the rooftop. I coughed, and managed to say, "thank you, Paul." He mumbled out a slight "you're welcome" and walked into the tour bus. Niall and Cassie walked behind him, and soon Harry and Liam did the same. I kept coughing and looked up at the stars. Louis took my hand and pulled me towards the stairs, "come with me." He climbed to the rooftop and I wrapped the towel around my waist, climbing behind him. I sat quietly, and hugged my knees. I untied the towel and placed it on my wet hair, coughing.
        "I'll be back," Louis said, smiling. I smiled, and said "ok."
        He soon came back and was carrying two hot cups of chocolate. "I guess you're cold," he said, and he wrapped another warm towel around me. Then he handed the hot chocolate to me, and sat beside me. We looked up at the overflowing sky. It was so full of stars. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Louis spoke, taking a sip from his hot chocolate. I slightly nodded. "Like diamonds," my voice came out in a raspy whisper. He coughed a little and nodded.

        Eventually, we finished our hot chocolate, and we set down the cups. I leaned back, placing my hands on my stomach, and looking straight up. Louis lied beside me, sighing softly. 

        Soon, Jasmine's car pulled up. I hopped off the tour bus, and hugged all the boys goodbye. 

Cassie's P.O.V. (by @NiallsAGod)
        The sensation I felt when touching Niall's lips was amazing, even if it was just for a second, and an accident... I frantically kicked away from him, not wanting him to think I was pulling a move on him or something. I looked up at his face, and his eyes were closed. No facial expression. It was kind've confusing. I could hear the 'ohhs' And 'ahhhs' from everyone around me, but I tried to block them out, only focusing on Niall. Was he upset? 

        He opened one eye, and took a peek at me. I covered my face and told him I didn't mean to and I was sorry. I could hear him chuckle and I opened one of my fingers to peer out at him. He was smiling. That gave me relief. We continued on with the game like the kiss never happened, but I was pretty sure either Jenny or one of the boy's would bring it up, and to be honest, I didn't want to hear about it. It was already embarrassing enough, he probably was disgusted, i didn't want to remind him of that. 

        Soon enough, it reached the time limit of the reserve we had. I looked like a prune, but then again, so did everyone else but Liam, who decided to stay out of the pool and judge the games. We reached their tour bus, still cold and wet from the pool seeing I was to lazy to change out of my swimsuit, I just had a towel around me, one that Louis gave me. After what I thought was begging, Jenny and I were allowed to stay until we got picked up by Jasmine. It was too bad that we couldn't actually spend time with the boys any longer, but it was understandable. 

        They were the biggest boy band in the world at the moment. They had a lot on their shoulders, having us two get in their way, was not the smartest of ideas. The boys and I followed Paul inside the tour bus, to be greeted with warmth. It was amazing in here. I wanted to sit down and sleep, I was so worn out from swimming, but I didn't want to get anything wet, so I just stayed by the door with my towel wrapped around me.The boys had all went to what I thought was probably their little rooms to put things away, Jenny's and I's stuff was outside the tour bus.

        After a short while, Niall poked his head around the corner, looking around suspiciously. I gave him a weird look, which I know he didn't see, he wasn't even looking at me. I decided to let the boy be and do what he wanted, he was always so cute. I watched him as he mimicked a ninja trying to reach the other side of the room, it was funny. This boy was truly a kid inside, he was so adorable. I'm telling you. 

        Soon enough he had finally reached me and stood next to me, leaning up against the wall and trying to hide behind me. It would've worked, maybe, if Louis hadn't walked in and knocked us both over with the tour bus door. Of course, Niall had to land on top of me and all the boys walked in. They gave us a look and then all smiled. Zayn was making kissing noises and Harry was acting like he was making out with someone. It was embarrassing. I knew they would do that sooner or later, just something to do with the kissing. 

        Louis mumbled out a small sorry and walked to the kitchen, doing god knows what. I looked up at Niall and he was smiling at me. I quickly turned my head away and blushed a deep shade of red, then made a ugly face at Harry when I seen he was making fun of me. Niall chuckled from above me, "There it is again, those faces. How cute." With that he got up and joined Louis in the kitchen. I stayed on the floor covering my face.

        Suddenly, I was lifted into someones arms and being carried around the bus. I was screaming at them to put me down, I hated being carried, it was horrible. It terrified me. Everything came to a stop when Louis walked back out with two cups of hot coco. He just walked past as if nothing was going on and went back outside. Right when the door closed, everything started again. I felt hands grab my sides and pull me away from the arms I was in. I gripped tight onto that person and gave them a small little thank you hug. 

        When I pulled away, I noticed it was Niall carrying me bridal style and smiling up at a pouty Harry. For a while they ran around the room with me trying to snatch me from each other, I hadn't even bothered trying to free myself anymore, nothing worked. And what made matters worse was that Liam just stood there and laughed at us. I thought he was the "mature and serious one" or "Daddy direction" he sure wasn't teaching his kids. 

        Sooner then wanted, Jasmine came to pick us up. I said bye to all the boys and gave them hugs. When I reached Niall and hugged him, I realized that all of those sayings online, telling everyone that Niall's hugs were the best, were true. They really were amazing. He hugged me tight and let go after what felt like an eternity. He said bye and Jenny and I made our way to Jasmine's car, making sure to pick up our suitcases on the way.

"head up, be strong, fake smile, move on"