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Lovers or Bestfriends?(Mindless Behavior Love Story)
Story published December 11, 2012 · updated 4 months ago · completed · 13 pages · 586 readers · 5,267 reads
Please Don't T
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Please Don't Tell

Okay now that me and Selena are dating, tonight I'm going to take her on our first date. All I have to do is build up the courage to actually ask her, and I know she'll say yes because she's my girlfriend, but why can't I  come right out and ask her??
  Here's the time now!!!

Me: Uh, Selena can I ask you a umm question, in private??

Selena: Sure

* They walk halfway down the hallway with all the girls' room*

Me: Umm, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me, tonight??

Selena: Sure ^_^, *kisses him* Where are we going??

Me: That's for me to know and you to find out.

Selena: Okay then, surprise me!!!

Me: Will do then, wait. I thought you didn't like surprises.

Selena: I changed Ray. Everybody does!!

Me: Okay, I'll pick you up at 7:00.

On the Date
Selena POV
Ray and the boys went back to the Conjunction household and the girls helped me pick out my outfit. Ray called and said that he knows where we're going and he told me to wear a "having fun" outfit. I just said okay, and surprisingly they knew what that meant. Well let's just continue this in the story.

Me: *doorbell rings* Oh, that must be Ray.  *opens door* Hey Ray!!!

Ray: Hey, you ready to go??

Me: Yeah, just let me go get my phone and wallet.

Ray: Okay

*Runs upstairs and gets phone and wallet, then comes back down*

Me: Okay ready to go!!

Ray: Lets go

Me: Bye guys!!!

Others: yeah whatever

Me: Rude!!

(AN: I'm skipping the whole date, but Selena will tell the girls everything they did)

Back At Home

Me: *walks through door* Hey g (GCO)

Girls: Give us all details and don't skip!!!

Me: Well hello to you too then. But sure I will tell you!!

Jordan: *pats seat next to her, to motion her to sit down*

Me: Okay, first when we got there I was so excited cause we went to the fair.

Girls: The FAIR!!!

Me: He said we were going to have fun, so we went to the fair. Okay back to the story. We went and got our wristbands and we went on this huge rollercoaster it was halfway the most scariest thing in my life. Well after that we just went on all the rides.

Girls: Wow.


I walked through the door and the boys told me to tell them ALL about the date, right then and there I thought it sounded gay, but then I realized that they just want to know how did it go.

Prince: So, how did the date go??

Me: It was okay I guess.

Roc: What do you mean "Okay I guess"??

Me: I mean(GCO)

Prod: So, what you mean is you didn't enjoy y'all first date, and why??

Me: I don't know why, I've just had a lot on my mind, I'm going to bed.

Prince: You mean cheating on your girlfriend that you had waaaayyyy before we found the girls.

Ray: How do you know that??

Prince: Cause while you were gone she kept calling asking for you, and I believe her name is Carly.

Ray: I'm begging you guys, please don't tell, please!!!

Prince: Fine, but just to let you know Destiny is going to fine out and tell Selena.

Prod: Hol' up, bout a year ago I thought you said that you hate seeing her sad and cry??

Ray: *mumbles* I do.

Prince: What was that??

Ray: I said I do!!!

Roc: Okay man, calm down.

Ray: Just please, I'll get on my knees just don't tell Selena!!!

Guys: Fine

Ray: Thanks, I'm going to bed now, night.


Ray: Okay then.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, my internet kept messing up on my computer, but it's working now!!!