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Drabbles & One-shots ~Rise of the Guardians~
Story published December 12, 2012 · updated May 31, 2013 · 3 pages · 5,585 readers · 21,215 reads
{Fur} Bunnymund X
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{Fur} Bunnymund X Kid!Reader

"Hey Bunny!" Called the cheery voice of [ _____ ].
"Oh 'ey there mate," the giant six to seven foot rabbit, E. Aster Bunnymund, replied and smiled. "Anything ya need?"
"" the small 
figure of [ _____ ] fidgeted around a bit.
"Well mate? You can tell me," Bunnymund said.
[ _____ ] finally asked, "Can your fur?"
"Oh, uh... Sure." The big rabbit came over to [ _____ ] and sat in front of her and his ears went back.
"Yay!" [ _____ ] giggled and started gently stroking Bunnymund's fur. "It's so soft..."
"Well of course! I gotta be clean don't I?" Bunnymund stated.
"Well that's true, but I figured your fur would be rougher instead of it being so soft...." she giggled.

Extended Ending:
"Hey mister 'I gotta be clean',"came the familiar voice of a certain ice boy.
"Ugh, what do ya want, mate?" Bunny asked irritably as he continued to cradle [ _____ ]'s
small, sleeping form in his furry arms.
"How come only she gets to touch your fur?" Jack asked.
"You saw that?" Bunnymund sighed, "No particular reason, just felt like letting her pet it, that's all."
"Oh, so can I--"