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Goddess of Darkness-Thor love story
Story published December 13, 2012 · updated March 9, 2013 · 2 pages · 200 readers · 541 reads
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Name: Kalli

Powers; Goddess of Darkness- can control pain and death (making someone feel or experience any type of death), can control 'tenticles' of darkness, can disappear into the shadows, can sense any evil in anyone, flying, super strength/speed, shadow form and control natural disasters (make earthquakes, tsunamis etc... happen).

Bio: I got sent down from Asgard around 100 years ago, i used to be a worrier but i apparently became to saddist and enjoyed pain, so i was sent to earth untill i learnt otherwise. I don't see why he bannished me i am the goddess of darkness after all, i do feed off fear and pain. Being on earth has helped i have found respect for life but i still enjoy killing and that will never stop, i have to be careful if i kill to much i'll turn into something else, something worse. I used to know Thor and the others, fought along side them for a while as well as Odin.


        Shadow Form-