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Nerdy chick: a y/n mindless behavior love story
Story published December 15, 2012 · updated July 23, 2013 · 20 pages · 1,802 readers · 25,719 reads
Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

Trey's POV
   When a girl with red hair walked into the room everybody looked at her. The boys were checkin her out while the girls gawked. Who is she. Then Prince came in behind her and said,"Everybody this is Y/N." Everybodies jaw dropped and when I say everybody I mean EVERYBODY.  She was blushing like crazy. "Joan, I'm gonna go sit down on the couch," she said shyly. "Okay," Joan said. "Let's party,"Joan exclaimed. Then everybody was hype again.
    While I was going to get drinks for me and the girl I came with(Gia) I saw Y/N surrounded by a bunch of boys answering questions quietly. The Ray came up to me. "Y/N was cute before but now...,"he said licking his lips."She's hot!" "Dude. Whatever jus because she cjanged her look it doesn't mean anything. She's still a nerd," I said. "Whatever. I'm gonna go get her away from all those boys before her face gets any redder," Ray said walking away. I went and got the drinks, then went back to Gia. "What took you so long,"she snapped. "Nothing. And watch the attitude.

I God I don't know what to do. I'm not used to all this attention. I need to get away from all of these boys. I can already tell I'm blushing. Here comes Ray. "Hey Y/N. Come here for a second," he said. "Okay." "Hey don't leave yet," a boy said. I think his name is Daniel. But I'll just call him Diggy that's what he told me to call him. "  Sorry." Ray said." She's bussy."
" I decided to get you away from them since your face is already red enough." "Thank you so much." " Whatever. Now you have to give  me something in return," he said. " What is it." "Dance with me," he said. "I don't know to dance Ray." "I'll show you how." I looked at him as he made the puupy dog eyes. "Fine" He grabbed my hand and started spinning me around fast. I started to giggle. Then he stopped. " What is wrong with you."