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The brocode
New neighbours | c
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New neighbours | chapter 1

I set down my box of clothes on my bed. I wiped the sweat from my forehead as I looked over to the window to see 3 boys mucking about on skateboards. As I walked over to the window to take a good look at them, the blonde one noticed me. I quickly looked away and pretended that I was looking at the beach. 
I looked back at them and he had stopped looking at me. 
"iris, there a box in the car that for your room, you'd better go get it" my mum called up the stairs to me. 
"Coming" I said as I walked out of my room and ran down the stairs. I walked into the front garden and down the driveway to the car. The boot was still open and a single box that had Iris's room: DVDs and CDs written on it lay next to my skate board. 
I picked it up and looked over to where the boys were before I had come downstairs, but they were gone. I looked around to see them standing in front of the house next door, watching me. 
"Can I help you?" I asked. 
"Nah, we're cool" the brown haired one spoke. His American accent was cute and so was his face. Just saying. 
"Looks like your our neighbour" the one that was watching me upstairs said. 
"Well I guess so" my English accent stood out 
"I'm drew" the third one spoke for the first time. 
"I'm Iris" 
"Wesley" the brown haired one said. 
"Keaton" the blonde one that was watching me said. 
"Nice to meet you, now if you'd excuse me, I need to take this box to my room" 
"Your forgetting that skateboard" Wesley smiled. 
"Oh yeah" I picked up my skateboard in my other hand and set it down so I could close the boot. I picked it up slowly before looking back to the boys. 
"You skate?" Drew asked. 
"Yes, you?" 
"Yeah! Why don't we show you around? Show you the skate park?" Wesley spoke. 
"Sounds cool" 
"Go take your things inside and meet us back out here in 10 minutes, yeah?" 
"Yeah" I nodded and smiled. 
"Okay" I walked inside and ran up the stairs. I sat the box on the floor before opening my clothes box and digging out an outfit. 
Completely simple. 
I sprayed some perfume over myself before picking up my board and walking downstairs. As I walked down the stairs, my brothers, Cameron and James, walked behind me. 
"Where are you going?" James asked. 
"No where that you need to know" I replied as I reached the bottom step. 
"Somewhere with a guy? The smell that's radiating off you would say so" Cameron laughed. I turned around. 
"Listen, if you guys spill a word of who I'm going to the skate park with to mum and dad, lets just say you'll have to sleep with one eye open" I sad through gritted teeth. I loved my brothers really but they had the tendency to meddle.  
"Okay, okay" James replied and frowned at me. 
"I'm serious James" 
"I know!" James laughed. 
"She's serious James" Cameron mocked me. 
"If you want to keep that tongue, you'd better keep it still" I grabbed Cameron's shirt and said through gritted teeth. 
"Let go off me" Cameron pulled my hand from his shirt
"Just tell mum an dad I've gone to find the nearest skate park" I turned around and walked toward the door. 
"You know they hate you skating" James spoke 
"And you know I don't care what they think" I opened the door and walked out of the house, closing the door behind me. 
I walked down the drive and started skating up and down a bit of the street until drew, Wesley and Keaton would be outside. 
"Bye mom" I heard wesley's voice the same time I heard a door open. 
"Iris!" Drew spoke. I looked up to see the boys walking down their drive towards me. 
"So are you guys brothers or best friends or what?" I asked as we sat down on the edge of a skate ramp. 
"Keaton and I are brothers. Drew us like our adopted brother" Wesley answered. 
"So Drews just a friend" 
"HE'S LIKE MORE!" Wesley yelled, making us all laugh. 
"You're one strange child" drew laughed 
"Play any instruments?" Keaton changed the subject 
"Acoustic Guitar, ukele, piano, drums, electric guitar, bass oh and xylophone" I laughed. 
"The xylophone?" Drew questioned. 
"I can play grenade on the xylophone. Didn't you get taught that in school?" 
"Xylophone wasn't exactly on the curriculum" Wesley laughed. 
"Not even in music?" The boys shook their heads. 
"Jesus what do American schools teach then?" I questioned. 
"You'll find out when you start next term" Keaton smiled. 
"I'm not going to school" I said making the boys look at me weirdly. 
"How not?" Drew asked. 
"I graduated in England. I don't need to" I replied. 
"But you're only like, 17?" Wesley asked 
"Of course she's 15" drew muttered. 
"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked. 
"Nothing it's just... I was uh... It doesn't matter" 
"What Drews trying to say is, we though you looked much older than 15" Wesley explained. 
"Oh... In a bad way?" I asked. 
"No! As in you look 17 or 18" Wesley smiled. 
Keaton's POV 
"But you're only like, 17?" My brother asked iris. She was gorgeous in every single way. Beautiful. She could skate and she played guitar which was ever better! The boys and I had called dibs on which one of us got to date her back at the house and Drew had called dibs first so he had the bro code on his side. 
I was pretty upset that drew had dibs. That would mean I couldn't go against the bro code like a desperately wanted to because I liked her. 
"15" iris said, making me grin, but hide it by placing my chin on my fist. 
"Of course she's 15" drew muttered with a frown. Obviously realising I now had all rights to get the girl considering she was my age. 
"What's that supposed to mean?" Iris asked, obviously baffled by Drews choice of words. 
"Nothing it's just... I was uh... It doesn't matter" drew sighed and folded his arms. Defeated. 
"What's drew is trying to say is that we thought you looked much older than 15" Wes covered up for Drews idiotic ness. 
"Oh... In a bad way?" Iris's cute, British, accent rang through the skate park. 
"No! As in you look around 17 or 18" Wes continued to cover up for Drews disappointment and my pleasure. 
I was silent because I was thinking. Thinking what my life would be like if iris was mine. As far as I knew from her, she played drums, bass, acoustic, electric guitar, piano, xylophone and ukele. She could skateboard and she was 15. 
I had only known her for about half an hour but I was already in love with her. 
Can you fall in love with someone so quickly?