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Demetri's Devil ( Demetri Volturi Love Story )
Story published December 16, 2012 · updated September 3, 2013 · 41 pages · 1,443 readers · 21,505 reads
Chapter 17
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Chapter 17

I woke up next to Demetri.

Me - Morning.

Demetri - Morning Beautiful.

I giggled and got up.

He groaned.

I rolled my eyes and got my outfit for the day.

I walked into the bathroom and got washed and dressed.(Picture)

I did my hair and make-up.

I walked back into the room.

Demetri was gone.

I slipped a pair of black heels on.

I walked to the throne room.

Alec - Jane wants you...Demetri's already there.

I nodded and walked to Jane's room.

Demetri was holding Lucy.

Me - Hey.

I walked over to Demetri.

Felix - We wanted to ask you guys something.

We nodded for them to go ahead.

Jane - We want you 2 be godparents.

Me and Demetri looked at each other and nodded.

Me - Okay.

They smiled.

Both - Thanks.

Me and Demetri walked out.

He picked me up.

Me - Deme !!

He chuckled.

We looked at each other.

I kissed him softly.

He pinned me up against the wall.

Alec - Really ?!!

We pulled away and smirked at him.

He laughed.

Alec - Aro wants you 2 in the throne room.

We nodded.

We ran to the throne room.

Me - Yes Aro ?

Aro - Felix is going to propose to Jane...and we want you, Heidi and Chelsea to plan the wedding...and and Alec are in charge of Felix.

We heard a squeal.

Aro - I think she said yes.

We laughed.

Me & Demetri - We'll start planning.

He nodded.

We walked out.

Demetri - Some alone time.

He kissed me softly.

I smiled.

We pulled away.

His forehead was against mine.

I pecked him on the lips a couple of times.

He smiled.

Jane - Sky !!!

I groaned.

She skipped up to us.

Me - Yes Janey ??

Jane - Me, You, Heidi and Chelsea have wedding planning to do.

Me - When are you getting married.?

Jane - Next week.

I moaned and snuggled into Demetri.

She aww'd.

Jane - You 2 are adorable.

He smiled.

Me - Dimples !!!

Me - That's your new nickname.

He shrugged.

Demetri - Your nickname is Cutie.

I smiled and giggled.

Jane - Let's go !!

I quickly kissed him.

He laughed and walked off.

----- JANE'S ROOM ------

Heidi and Chelsea were sitting down.

I smiled and jumped on the bed.

Me - What about White and Red for the theme ?

They nodded.

Heidi - The bridesmaids can wear red...and your dress could have a red bow.

We nodded.

Chelsea - With red Roses.

We nodded.

Jane - We can go shopping tomorrow.

There was a knock on the door.

I opened it.

It was Felix.

He was out of breath.

Me - Yes Felix ?

Felix - I'm running from Demetri and Alec.

Alec - Felix !!!!

Me - You do know Demetri is a tracker ?

He groaned.

I dragged him into the room.

Me - Stay here.

He nodded.

I walked up the hallway.

Demetri was walking next to Alec.

Me - Hey Ally, Hey Dimples.

Alec waved and carried on walking.

I pulled Demetri into a kiss.

He smirked and pulled me closer.

I pulled away.

Me - So where you going ?

Demetri - Can't Remember.

Me - Weren't you going to Alec's room.

He smiled and nodded.

He kissed me softly and walked to Alec's room.

I walked back to Jane's room.

Me - It's safe now Felix.

He kissed me on the cheek and walked out.

Jane - What did you do ?

Me - I distracted Demetri.

They giggled.

Heidi - You 2 are so adorable.

I giggled.

Me - Never in a million did I think I would be dating a vampire...and be a vampire.

Chelsea - Have you 2...

Me - No, we're taking it slow...but the wanting is there.

Heidi - Because you tease him so much.

I smirked.

We talked for the rest of the night.