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A Real Quotev Writer
Story published December 22, 2012 · updated 4 weeks ago · 16 pages · 5,727 readers · 35,338 reads
Book Covers
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Book Covers

| Book Covers |

        Now, I know the majority of Quotev users would find an "appropriate," picture from the web and use it as their book cover. And I also know, that the majority of Quotev users don't know how to make a decent book cover. Well, this is why you clicked this "instructional manual," for! Now, I'm not going to try and bore you death because I also want to get to the point. 

        I want to share you a very helpful website - PICMONKEY, IT'S FANTASTIC
        This site is filled with wonderful features and tools but although some of their features are "royale," meaning that you have to pay for them- it's not really necessary. I absolutely adore this website.

        BUT, you're not done from there. After you make your own awesome book cover - you have to crop it to the right size so by the time you upload it as your book cover in Quotev, the words and picture wouldn't get cut off (in other words- look ghetto; sorry, I have to use that word). Here (to me) is the right approximate size: 

        300 x 450 pixels (which is width by height) or around there. So, 280 x 430 is fine! Just make sure they're at least 200 pixels apart (more or less).

   ALSO, another helpful website recommended my Miss Procrastination  : IPICCY

I am really grateful for the the overwhelming comments and hearts I've been receiving. Your support is critical to my improvement, and for that I want to say a big mahalo!Close