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Forgotten Rememberance. (Kelly Severide, Chicago Fire, Siste
Story published December 23, 2012 · updated December 26, 2012 · 21 pages · 2,082 readers · 4,317 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

December 21st.

Katy reached her arm over to her alarm and hit the off button. She opened her eyes and smiled wide. She quickly got out of bed and walked to her bathroom. She hopped in the shower and turned it on, fighting through the pain of the cold and then too hot, to hurry and get herself cleaned and out. She spent a record of 13 minutes in the shower before she quickly got out and blow dried her hair. After her hair was completely dry, in a record of 8 minutes, she began to straighten her hair.

She walked out of her bathroom and into her closet, and picked out a coral colored skirt and a flower patterned tank top. She walked over to her jackets and grabbed her leather jacket and then found her black tom wedges. She quickly put on her black star necklace and then grabbed her backpack and quickly walked down the stairs. She looked around and noticed that no one was home. She frowned slightly, it meant Leslie hadn't came home, and she didn't even know where her brother was.

She grabbed her lunch and sat down, she had a lot of extra time. She unlocked her phone and smiled at the texts she had received.

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY HOE!!! I ♥ YOU. ~ Jessamess.


Happy birthday chicken! ~ Whaley

Happy Birthday, birthday twin! ~ Stripperpole


Happy birthday cutie. ;) ~Willxx

Katy smiled and happily responded to each of the texts.

Thanx babe, I love you too! ~ Katty


Thanks pot pie! ~Katbat

Thanks and Happy birthday my birthday twin! ~ Kitkat

Hahahha, I don't think you'll get famous with that song but thanks anyways. :D ~ Tommo's Wife.

Thank you, hottie. ;) ~KatyKat.

Katy looked at the time and realized she still had about 15 minutes before she had to go down to her bus stop. She sighed loudly and looked around the empty apartment, wondering where her brother could be. She got off the stool she was sitting on and went to go check in his bedroom. She looked inside and didn't find anything, not a thing at all. She went back downstairs and sighed again, "He's not even here to wish me a happy birthday and a good day..Why is everything changing with him?"

Katy soon found herself reminiscing of how her birthday usually started off.

Katy reached over and hit the off button on her alarm, and as soon as she opened her eyes, her door burst open. She let out a scream and her hand flew over her chest. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SIS!" Her older brothers' loud voice yelled. Katy smiled and shook her head, "Get out, I have to get ready for school." Kelly sighed dramatically, but listened. Katy chuckled to herself and walked towards her bathroom, stepping into her shower. After standing there for an amount of time and adjusting to the temperature, she washed her body with a vanilla smelling body wash. She then poured her cherry shampoo into her hand and massaged it into her scalp. She rinsed herself off and wrapped her towel around her after shutting the water off. 

She blow-dried her hair and then straightened it a bit, but not completely. Her hair was already pretty straight and didn't feel like wasting her time straightening something that was already straight. She walked into her closet and picked out a blue and pink hollister plaid shirt and blue jeans. She grabbed her brown belt and put it on before slipping on her sparkly toms. She walked over to her jewelry section and put on her favorite bracelet and her cross necklace. She grabbed her backpack and walked down the stairs.

She was greeted by the smell of her brothers' famous chocolate chip pancakes. They were made from scratch, and they were Katy's favorite. It was a tradition for him to make them on her birthday, and she loved the tradition. Katy walked into the Kitchen just as Kelly sat her plate full of food on the counter, "Eat up." She smiled and began eating her chocolate chip pancakes, eggs and bacon. She watched as he poured her a glass of Orange juice and she took a swig of it right after he sat it down in front of her. Kelly stood there and watched his baby sister eat her breakfast, some may think it's weird, but he wasn't trying to be. He was only lost in his thoughts of how much she has grown since he's gotten full custody of her.

After Katy finished eating, she looked at the time and quickly put her backpack on and shoved her phone in her pocket, she only had a few minutes to get down to her bus stop. "Hey, you forgot your hug!" Her older brother exclaimed, holding his arms out. Katy shook her head and chuckled, but quickly ran over to give him a quick hug. Except, he didn't want a quick hug. He wrapped his arms around her tightly in a bear hug, "Have a great birthday, lil sis." He kissed her for-head quickly as she thanked him and she took off running to catch her bus.

Katy wiped away the tears that had slipped out when she was lost in her memories. She didn't know why this year was any different, why wasn't her older brother here? Why didn't he wake her up with his yelling and her favorite pancakes? Why wasn't she catching her bus at the last second like every other birthday? Where was her hug and kiss on her for-head, like he used to give her? Why didn't she get a hug and a kiss on the for-head, just like he used to do every day last year? Did she do something wrong? Did he not care for her as much anymore? It sure didn't seem like it...She hadn't even received a message or call from him, not a note left behind to wish her a happy birthday... What did she do wrong to deserve this? Why did he suddenly start forgetting her anyways? What has stolen his attention away?

A/N: Okay, so I'm trying to work on cliffhangers...and that wasn't really one, but it was better than just completely writing like I normally like to do. xD Anyways...Comment, heart and share please? I'd love you for forever and a day.