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TMNT: Meet the girls!
Story published December 25, 2012 · updated December 27, 2012 · 6 pages · 3,079 readers · 6,616 reads
TMNT: The Second S
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TMNT: The Second Sister

Leo's POV

At the lair...
Nari and I had just arrived from our "trip"...

Donnie: "Guys! I've got a lead on where is Mona Lisa!"

Nari: "You did?"

Donnie: "Yeah...She's in an apartment not far from here..."

Me: "Then let's check it out..."

We readied ourselves and head out as soon as possible to the place Donnie mentioned...

Raph: "Man is this place a dump"

???: "Hyaah!!!"

Raph: "Ow!!! What the shell!!!"

???: "You foot ninja won't get me so easily!"

Nari: "That voice...Mona?"

???: "Nari? Is that you?"

The person who attacked Raph stood up

Nari: "Mona!!!"

Mona: "How are you big sis?"

Nari: "Fine...but not the same without you and the others..."

Mona: "Well i'm here don't have to worry about me?"

Nari: "Oh this is Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo..."

Me: "Hi my name's Leonardo but call me Leo"

Mona: "You must be my sis's boyfriend?"

Me: "Yeah...something like that...*blush*"

Nari: "Yeah...boyfriend*blush*"

Raph: "Jeez! Are you sure this is your sister Nari?

Mona: "What's that suppose to mean?"

Raph: "It means i don't think you're the sister of Nari from that attitude of yours"

Mona: " Well i don't think you're Leo's brother either!!!"

Raph: "Well that depends if Leo really is my brother..."

Me: "What's that suppose to mean Raph?!"

Raph: "Nothin'"