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Story published December 26, 2012 · 1 page · 169 readers · 214 reads
Forget Me Not c: -
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Forget Me Not c: - Ronnie Radke

______________Forget Me Not -Ronnie Radke One Shot_______________________________________

3 Years ago c:

Ronnie and I sat down at a large tabel at Max's house drinking down some beers and shoting back shots like we always did. We where bad, we didn't care what we did as long as we where having fun with it.
I laid down my head on Ronnie knowing that he'd be soon going on tour. I tried to drink enough so I wouldn't cry about it but for some reason It wouldn't go away. I bit my lip, laid my head down on his lap and cried.

"Babe?" Ronnie asked, in a voice that you could tell that he was beyond high. I whipped my eyes and looked up at him with tears in my eyes. "Uhh- you okay?"
I raised a eyebrow at me knowing that he didn't even ask me whay was wrong. I looked at him for a long second before he stood up adn followed Max into the other room. I knew he was stoned but he walked away from me.

I looked behind me into his coat pocket and grabbed the car keys and walked out of the house. I ran to my car, jumped n the drivers seet and took off down the road.

Everything started to get blurry and I noticed that I was couldn't see anything. I felt a hard hit on my car and before I knew thayt everything wen't black.

One Month Later

I woke up in a bed only knowing my name and family. I looked infront of me to see a man sitting beside me. "Doctor?" I asked him and he looked at me comfussed. "Where is my family?" I asked him.

"Babe," He said and I pulled awya form him noticing his hand was on mine. "I don't know you!" I snapped a him. I looked into his eyes and noitced they where big and blood shot, he was high.

"Your high, oh my god!" I screamed and once I screamed the nerses brought him out of the room. I heared him screaming my name but I didn't do anything, I ignored it and called my mother.

Three Years Later 

I walked down the venue of where I worked with the show sequdal for the band that was playing. It was for a band called 'Falling In Reverse." For some reaosn the name 'Ronnie Radke' sounded fimilar but I ignored that fact.

I walked into the room find a man stairing at me. "Skylar?" He asked me and I raised a blond eyebrow at him. "Umm... Do I know you?" I asked him having no idea how I knew him.

"Uhh- no." He quickly said walking towards me smiling slightly. I looked at him with a small smile on my face feeing like I knew him from somewhere, like we connected.

When I looked into his eyes, it was like we where ment to be. Like I knew him in another life time. I left his hand touch mine as he look looking into my eyes "I'm Ronnie Radke."

If you'd like a One-Shot story c: Then Message me or comment telling me what you want it about c: Thanks <3 Smutt if allowed if you know what that means.
~Summer <3