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Sweet Dreams
Story published December 26, 2012 · updated September 11, 2013 · completed · 14 pages · 242 readers · 1,277 reads
Angel in Disguise
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Angel in Disguise

     There was a girl walking down the streets of London. It was a cold, snowy day and the roads were bustling with people and cars. The girl almost got shoved into walls or other people when she wasn't paying attention. Her hood was over her head tightly, bouncing the small snow flakes off of her head and her hands were tightly laced into her pockets. Some of the women would glance at the girl, wondering if she had a home or not, but they would quickly forget and go back to conversating with their friends. The girl walked quicker and turned down an alley way, which was filled with brown doors made out of thin wood that looked like they couldn't keep the cold wind out. She approached the final door and knocked on it, shuffling her feet on the welcome matt beneath her feet. The door opened as the girl stepped quickly inside and shut the door before the cold air could get in. Not like it mattered. She shivered lightly, taking off her snow boots and placed them in the basket by the door. The smell of freshly grounded cinnamon mixed with the aroma of peppermint filled the air and it almost chased away the icy cold wind.
     "Kelly! The postman was here and brought you mail!" a woman's warm voice called from the kitchen. The girl called Kelly shuffled into the dining room, which really had just a small brown table with a couple of worn-out old chairs of different materials scattered everywhere. She picked a letter out from the pile of letters and began to tear the envelope off. She didn't expect much, but she was surprised that she even got any mail this time of year. It was even stranger because there was no address on the front. It just had her name printed out in red ink. The letter inside was red and white, striped to look like a candy cane. Glitter was everywhere on it as well and coated Kelly's hands with the sparkles. She opened it carefully and inside, it read in red ink:

     Dear Kelly,
     I know this is odd or sudden, but we need you again. I'm sure you know what we are talking about. Pitch is back and he's stronger than ever. Tooth Fairy's palace has been raided and she's lost almost everything. Children are starting to stop believeing, and she's getting weaker every second. Do you remember the snowglobe I gave you for Christmas last year? It's not a snowglobe. If you say the North Pole, it will open as a portal and you will be sent over to us. Please help us Kelly. You have a special gift that we need.
     Warm Regards,
     Santa Claus.

    Kelly gulped roughly and shoved the card into her pocket, which to her dismay got glitter everywhere on her. Her family didn't know what she was, and she was even surprised that they noticed her or didn't catch her going out on the special day. She was an angel. Kelly would go out everyday, spreading light and happiness to everyone that would be feeling down or upset. Her wings were special as well. They would be invisible until she had to use them. They were a snowy white color, and each feather was soft and delicate. It was hard for her to do her duties, for people rarely believed in her. They didn't even know who caused their happiness, and assumed that it was just someone else in their life that did. Kelly made their happiness, and no one else believed it.
   Kelly lived with her parents and her brother, Harry. He would tease her daily, but Kelly would tend to ignore it. She had better things on her mind. By the time dinner was over, she packed up her things and by nightfall, she took out the snowglobe. It was a normal snowglobe with plastic trees in it and snow falling whenever you turned it over.
     "North Pole," she said as she threw it against the wall. A portal opened up. Purple, pink, yellow and red swirls went around it, shining light onto her. Before she could even think or breathe, she walked through and disappeared. In the blink of an eye, she was in front of the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Jack Frost, the Sandman and a depressed looking Tooth Fairy.