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Short Stories and Poems
Story published December 26, 2012 · updated March 28, 2013 · 2 pages · 224 readers · 354 reads
The Pain of Unseen
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The Pain of Unseen Love.

I looked outside at the snow and thought of you today. You never thought of me as more than just a friend, but you were the best guy I ever knew..... Everytime I sing I  think of you. Everytime I play you cross my mind. Everytime I act I hide my saddness. You understood me...... That's all I could ever ask for. I didn't see it then, because of the others in front of me. Remember when we first met? We didn't talk much. Then we were paired together, for a dance. I should have seen it earlier. The way you made me feel, how you talked to me, our intrests, when you could see through me, how jealous I got when she talked to you. We could of been more, we were perfect..... I should have seen it then...... and for that..... I blame myself....... When I heard you left, I was shocked, I didn't do anything. Then I found a picture we made together, and I remebered. I cried for hours. I stopped till a few weeks later, then I broke down all over again in front of so many people. I asked and still ask anyone if they've seen you, or know what happened to you. They don't. I hope our paths will cross again one day, and I promise I'll let you know how I feel. I love you.

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