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Cry x Reader
Story published December 26, 2012 · updated July 18, 2013 · completed · 18 pages · 1,598 readers · 15,524 reads
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Today was the day you were going to Florida for a vacation. You had just got off the airplane and were heading to your new hotel. Getting there was taking longer then expected. "How much longer?" you think to yourself. Back in (PLACE) you had just broken up with your ex. He had cheated on you and kicked you out, so you stole the tickets that was planned to be a romantic vacation. It took 2 hours to finally arrive at the hotel. Walking in, you see a giant black orb in a fountain. It had water streaming down the sides of it. Looking around you finally spot the front desk. You walk up and a tall, skinny man greets you. "Hello my lady! How may I help you this fine evening?" he says, blushing. "I would like to rent a room for... about one week please." you tell him. "Yes mam! All you need to do now is sign some papers and pay the money then your ready to go!" he tells you handing you the papers. You sign them, then pay and he gives you the keys to your room. "Room 122, 3rd floor." he tells you. You nod and walk back to your car and get your suitcase, tablet/ipad, and computer. You brought a little extra clothes just in case. You walk back in the hotel and go to the counter. "Is there anyone who can park my car?" you ask the same dude from earlier. He almost instantly says "Yeah i'll do it for you!" "How much will it cost?" you ask. He leans in and whispers, "Don't tell anyone but i'll do it for you for free." You look at him strangely, then hand him the keys. Walking to the elevator, you notice there are three. You push the button with an arrow pointing up. A few seconds later, you hear a ding behind you. Turning around, you see the elevator on the right opening. You walk to it and push the button for floor 3. The door closes and brings you to the 3rd floor. You walk out and to your room. It was much nicer then you expected it to be. 2 queen sized beds, a flat screen T.V., and a huge bathroom. You immediately go to your bed and flop down, it had been a long day. You take you computer out of its bag and surf the web. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day.