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I'll Take the Fall for You
Story published December 26, 2012 · updated December 30, 2012 · completed · 17 pages · 1,036 readers · 8,948 reads
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His eyes, his arms, his facial hair, his normal hair, his smiles, his abs, his nose. I don't even understand how this is happening right now. We just kind of starred at each other, I ate my crackers and drank my soda.

I fell asleep, Derek in the bed next to me. The girls weren't home yet. All I kept thinking was I can't do this to Alissa, I probably just have to sleep on it and in the morning everything will go back to normal. But right now, I don't even think I love Alissa anymore? I don't know. I just need to sleep. 

I woke up the next day, with Alissa right next to me. She looked at me and smiled and kissed my nose. I looked up and saw Karly with Derek, they were pretty much on top of each other. He doesn't like me back. Wait. What the hell am I saying, I have a beautiful girl with me. But I just didn't feel the sparks anymore. I couldn't break it off now, not in Vegas! This thinking was making me sick. I'm going to be sick...

I ran into the bathroom and knelled over the toilet.
Alissa and Derek came running in, Alissa rubbing my back and Derek getting me a cold towel for my head. 
I got up and sat back all I could say was "I'm sick."

They helped me back in bed. Alissa kissed my forehead and went to go get us breakfast, Well Derek. 

I really do think I'm sick, like in the head. I can't be gay!? Especially not for Derek. I can't, I just can't. But then I looked at him and I can't help myself. I wanted to cry. This thinking was just going to make me sick again so I just forgot about it. 

Derek laid next to me. I just thought "screw it". 

I moaned because my stomach hurt from turning. 
"Shhhhh" Derek said and rubbed my eyebrows. "It's okay".
He smiled. "You dig me." I said and laughed.
"As much as I don't want to, Yeah, I dig you" He smiled 

"I really like Karly." He said "But like as a sister now, feelings really can change in a day. I can't break up with her in Vegas, she will over react, she always does. But I can't cheat. I don't know what to do Stiles." Derek said.
"Shh hey I feel the same way, we can't cheat so we just have to break it to them." I said.

I suddenly felt better, until the girls came up. They were like our best friends. I want to stay that way! I hope they are going to take it well. Derek went first, He pulled Karly out into the hall way. I was anxious to hear her reaction.