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A Cryaotic love story (Cry x Reader)
Story published December 27, 2012 · updated 7 months ago · 72 pages · 25,362 readers · 335,106 reads
9) Pass out
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9) Pass out

Your P.O.V

I wanted to speak to Cry, not to ask him if what PewDie said was true, but to just have a general chat. I hadn't spoke to him properly in a while and I felt bad for just rushing out without saying bye to him.
I unlock my phone and text him. 'Hey, sorry about yesterday :/ I was late for work. Do you wanna get a cup of coffee or something?' I walk to the bathroom and stare into the mirror, I looked a mess. I tie my hair up into a scruffy ponytail and put some mascara on. It's not like I'm going to meet royalty! I hear my phone vibrate in my room, I rush into my room and check the message. 'Haha, it's alright. I would love to get some coffee!:)' I smile 'At 2 then?' I get a reply instantly. 'Sure! See you there, friend!' I put my phone in my back trouser pocket and fetch my purse. It's half an hour until 2pm. I decided I could use this time to sort out my, already falling down hair. I put the TV on and watch one episode of 'Adventure time.' You can never stop loving that program.

15 minutes later, once the episode was over I grab my coat and walk outside. I get in the car and drive to the coffee hut.
To my surprise Cry is already inside when I enter,He is sitting at the table which was right at the back of the shop. I walk up to the quite small table and sit down. He didn't notice me, his head was tilted down the way. I wasn't sure what he was looking at. "It's quite busy for a small coffee shop isn't it?" His head jolted up and I grin. "Sorry for scaring you!"
"Heh, I-It's ok..." I shuffle my chair around the table to see what he was looking down at before.
"You brought your psp?" 
"Well you are very sociable!" I say jokingly. He lifts his mask up a bit so I could see a smile on his face. That gave me the urge to take his mask off. I wanted to see face! But, I didn't want to upset him if I did see his face, We've only known each other for a couple of days now. 
"You gonna get a coffee? 'Cause I know I am!" he stands up from his chair and takes out his wallet. 
"Oh yeah! Just a sec!" I bring my purse out of my pocket.
"I'm paying!" Cry sounded very determined.
"NO! I invited you here! So I'm paying! If you give me anymore money then you'll be broke! Stop giving me money!" He smiled and put his wallet back in his pocket. I take my money out and give him $10. ''Could I have a regular coffee please?'' He nods and walks over to the till. While he was waiting in line I was thinking about what PewDie had said. Maybe I should ask him. But I still know it will be a no. I look over at his chair where his psp was laying. I pick it up and turn it on. I was bored. He had the game 'Corpse Party' in it.

I was playing it for a while, until I realized Cry hadn't came back yet, I quickly look up and see him sitting next to me. I see why he didn't notice me before. Psp's are addicting. ''You didn't ask to go on it! You stealer!'' I hand it to him.
''I was just borrowing it! How long have you been sitting there?''
''For about...'' He looks at his watch. ''20 minutes.'' My eyes widened
''Really?! Why didn't you say anything!?'' I could see his face go red.
''You looked busy.'' I roll my eyes and sip my coffee.
''Thanks for getting the coffee by the way!''
''No problem.'' There was a long silence after that. This was probably the best time to ask.
''Uh...I know this is random, but...Um...''  I struggle to get any words out of my mouth. I don't think I want to ask this anymore. '' In fact, Forget it!''
''I wanna know!''
''It's nothing! Never mind!''
''Tell me! Or I'll spill my coffee all over you!''
''You wouldn't!'' He takes his coffee and brings it close to my face and starts to tilt it. ''Ok! Ok!'' He stops and brings the coffee back to his lips and sips it. ''I- Uh...Would you happen to like...Have a...Crush...On....'' He goes very still and I can see him going red. ''On...Me?'' He stays silent. My heart begins to attack my rib cage. I wish I never said this. ''PewDie said it to me! I didn't believe him! So he said, 'ask Cry yourself.'' He starts shaking, his head is looking down at the floor. He still stays silent. Please don't tell me this is true. After a while Cry managed to say something in a murmur, that I could slightly make out.
''I should've never trusted PewDie with my secrets.'' I bit my lip, I couldn't believe what I just heard. My head started throbbing and I couldn't hear anything except a sharp high pitched sound that wouldn't stop, I tried to get up but found myself lying on the ground. I didn't feel myself hit the ground. I lost all my senses except my sight. I quickly look up to see Cry kneeling next to me and a crowd of people around me, then smokey black clouds filling the sides of my eyes. The clouds started to fill my eyes until I had lost my vision.

I had passed out.

PewDie's P.O.V

I went to grab the ringing phone that I tried to ignore for a while now.
''Hello, is this Felix Kjellberg?'' The voice sounded so formal.
''Uh, Yeah.''
''Your friend, ____ _____ is currently in the hospital.''
''Please calm down sir. She is currently in a coma, but luckily it's not that severe.'' I hang up, I didn't want to hear anymore. I run to the front door.
''Where are you going?'' I turn around and see Marzia poking her head around the corner from the kitchen.
''____ is in the hospital.''
''Whaat? I'll come too!''
''You sure?''
''Yes!'' She rushes past me and gets in the car. I follow her and get into the drivers seat.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR READING! ♥♥ I love chu for that! ;3 Please inform me if you have any ideas for the story? I love getting ideas.