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My Monster (Sam Uley)DONE
Story published December 28, 2012 · updated 2 months ago · completed · 54 pages · 7,627 readers · 93,204 reads
Nineteen <3
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Nineteen <3

My fingers were intwined with Sam's as we walked along the beach. My shoes were in my free hand as we walked. I let my thoughts drifted to what went on before we got to the beach.

Flash back:

"Come on! Why can't I know where we're going?" I whined at Sam who just had the same stupid smile on his face since we left.

He started to whistle and act like he didn't hear me. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"You suck." I grumbled.

"And you can't stand not knowing." He laughed while pointing at me.

He drove for a few more minutes before stopping on the side of the rode. We were the only car on the rose and we were surrounded by the forest.

"This is the part in the scary movies where someone comes running out of the woods with a mask and chainsaw." I say looking at him and he laughs.

"We just have to walk alittle ways." He says and get out.

He comes to my side and helps me out. We start walking through the woods and it isn't long until we come upon a TREEHOUSE. I look at Sam.

"What is this?" I ask and he looks down at me.

"Me and my dad built this when I was little before he left. I would always come here when I needed time by myself. Or time with someone else." He kisses my cheek at the end and I smile big.

He helps me climb up the ladder and into the tree house. There's blankets and pillows laying all over the floor and a picnic basket in the cornor. I turn back around to Sam.

"You are such a romantic for someone who changes into a werewolf." I say giggling.

He smiles big and I playfully roll my eyes. We sit down and start eating the food Sam ordered. He can't cook so I know he aint make it. Hahaha.

We ate and joked around for a couple hours. Right now we were both laying down. My head on his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around me. Not that I mind.

"Kena, how much do you love me?" Sam asked, breaking the silence.

I sat up and he did the same. Both of us looking into eachothers eyes. I softly smile.

"More than you could ever understand." I whisper and he smiles.

"Is that enough to spend the rest of your life with me?" He asks and I cock my head to the side a little confussed by the question.

Sam then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black little box. My heart starts beating rapidly in my chest. I look back at Sam's face with wide eyes.

"I love you. SO much Kena. And I know neither of us are perfect and we both make mistakes. And I just want to make even more mistakes but with you at my side." By now tears are coming down my face and I give a short laugh.

"So, what I'm trying to say is......Will you, Kena Black, marry me?"

I'm snapped back into reality by water getting splashed on me. I was so lost in thought that I didn't even realise Sam let go of my hand and wated to the water.I looked at him as he laughed. I smiled and dropped my shoes in the sand before running into the water where he was. I jumped into his arms, making him fall into the water along with myself. Where we were at in the water wasn't that deep so we could sit up in it and it only came to our stomachs. We were both laughing as water crashed around us. Sam pulled me towards him and smashed his lips to mine. We pulled back after a minute smiling like crazy.

"I'm so glad you imprinted on me." I said as he pressed his forehead to mine.

"I'm so glad you argeed to marry me." He replyed and I looked down at the RING on me finger smiling more.

He's mine. He will forever and always be mine. It doesn't matter what happened in the past between us. It's all about our future now. And I'm so excited I get to spend my future with my baby boy and with My Monster. <3