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Safe & Sound -On Hold.-
Story published December 30, 2012 · updated July 7, 2013 · 10 pages · 217 readers · 1,282 reads
Amelia Aliza Chadw
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Amelia Aliza Chadwick ♡

Name- Amelia Aliza Chadwick

Eye Color- Blue/Green

Hair Color- Brunette 

Nick-Name- Lia

Birthday- July 18, 1994 

Age- 19

Sibling(s)- Drew

Parents- Melinda; Deceased, David; Deceased, Died In Car Crash; They live off of the fortune left behind.

Lives In- Huntington Beach, California 

Best Friend(s)- Wesley Stromberg & Keaton Stromberg

Crush- Wesley Stromberg  

Extra Info- 

Hello, Amelia here! My brother and our best friends are in a band called Emblem3. Drew and I live alone. Drew is 20 and I'm 18. We moved out when Drew was 18. I was 16, but I decided to move with him and do homeschool. We used to live with our grandparents. Anyway, I don't have any girl friends because I usually always hung with just my brother, Wes, and Keats. To be perfectly honest, I'm falling in love with Wes. What started as a crush, grew into something deeper and bigger. I'm crossing my fingers he feels the same! Well....bye !  

*Ignore that the girl in the picture is wearing some sort dress I suppose?*

The story's theme song-


"I remember tears streaming down your face when I said, 'I'll never let you go'."~ Taylor Swift