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Odd Girl Out.
Story published December 31, 2012 · updated 10 months ago · 23 pages · 4,153 readers · 8,507 reads
First Chapter.
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First Chapter.

"One second Linen, gotta hold." I tell her as I throw my iPhone across my bedroom, watching it land into clothing bin.

"Ugh, this seriously can't be happening to me!" I plop down on my bed in shock and anger. I overheard my mum talking about some sea school, and she mentioned my name. She says her last goodbye to the guy she's speaking to, and she places the phone on its charger. She knocks on the door in an annoying manner.

"Come in...or don't." She steps in with a big plate of sugar cookies with blue sprinkles. Blue sprinkles mean good news to her, and red meant not-so-good. I look over at her as I pull my covers over my face and turn away.

"Where's the red sprinkles?" I ask her as Mum pulls the quilted blanket away from my face. "Leighton, the sprinkles are blue for good news, right? I'm enrolling you in sea school!" She beams and waits for me to smile. "Still not impressed. Why doesn't Finn have to go?" She grabs a cookie and starts eating in.

"He is." Mum mumbles like a child as she chews a cookie. I grab my phone and text the gang. Linen, Bridgette, Nina, and Joseph, as known as the people I've known all of my life. The text says

"I'm drifting off to sea, help me."

Two minutes later, Bridgette texts back, but just to tell me how lucky I am to be able to attend Sixteen Seas. Joseph wishes me luck, and Nina does the same. Linen calls back, freaking out, telling me how she has no clue how she'll survive without her best friend. I don't think I'll even survive sea school, and I only have tonight left before the pure torture starts.