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Harry Potter's older sister Amelia
Story published January 1, 2013 · 3 pages · 135 readers · 241 reads
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Name – Amelia Lily Potter

Nicknames – Melia, Am, Ameila Lily (Stage Name)

Age – 16 nearly 17

Birthday – July 29 th 1978

House – Griffindor

Year – 7 th and last year

Family – James Potter (father) (deceased), Lily Evans-Potter (mother) (deceased), Harry James

Potter (little brother), The Dursley (aunt, uncle and cousin), Sirius Black (godfather), Remus

Lupin (godfather), Minerva Mcgonagall (godmother)

Bestfriends – Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Harry Potter (of course he’s my liwttle brother)

Close Friends – Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Angelina Johnson, Luna

Lovegood, Hagrid, Cedric Diggory (deceased) Toby Martin (my recording boss)

Friends – Griffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws

Emines – Sliverin (booo), Snape, Malfoy(s), Death Eaters, LORD VOLDEMORT, DURSLEYS

Hobbys – Hanging out with my family and friends, Taking care of Harry, Writing and singing


Personality – Happy, Brave, Prankster, Hyper, Can be seious when needed, Protective, Smart,

Responsible-ish, Strong minded

Job – Preforming my songs at a music club in town where i have a recording deal with my boss

Toby, who i send all my music too during the school year for him to release in the muggle world.

Bio –

Ello there people i’m Amelia Lily Potter but you can call me Melia, Am or anything else you like. I

live with the Dursleys along with Harry, i hate them to death and when i leave school i am taking

me and Harry away from our hell of a home, even though it isn’t even home, the Dursleys hate

myself and Harry because we are not what you would call normal because infact we have special

powers for we are a witch and wizard, yes they are really but muggles (non magical people) can’t

know because it is against the law the ministy of magic says but i don’t give a merlin on the

ministy of magic at the moment. At the end of every summer me and Harry go away to a magic

school called Hogwarts, now that is the place we indeed call one of our homes the other being the

Burrow where the Weasleys live, i am going into my seventh year and last year there whilst

Harry is going into his fifth. The last school year was not a good one at all because both myself

and Harry was entered in to the triwizard tournament against our own will and was made to take

on a dragon, the black lake and lastly the maze where we along with my close friend Cedric was

transported to a grave yard where i lost one of my close friends and a monster came back. Also at

Hogwarts i was made a prefect for some unknown reason. Now me and Harry are stuck at the

Dursley. Well i have to go to work to preform some of my new songs yes i sing and write songs.

Bye beautiful people