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Some of Quotevs Most Famous
Story published January 3, 2013 · updated August 5, 2013 · 2 pages · 902 readers · 3,149 reads
чσung, wíld, fr
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чσung, wíld, frєє

чσung, wíld, frєє is crazy, funny, completely mental but an amazing person.

чσung, wíld, frєє was born on the 22nd of August.

чσung, wíld, frєє's real name is Sabine.

She loves One Direction and is a complete Directioner.

Her favourite colour is Purple.

Her fave animal is Cat.

Her fave song is A Team by Ed Sheeran.

She spends most of her time on the computer, on Quotev and Facebook.

She is a very generous person and loves her best mates dearly and loves spending lots of time with them.

3 words to describe her would be crazy, funny and wild.

She is the best mate anybody could ask for.

She is a Quotev Legend.

She is very awesome!