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My Musical Cinderella Story: One Direction Style
Story published January 4, 2013 · updated January 10, 2013 · completed · 22 pages · 1,271 readers · 8,635 reads
Taylor Knight
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Taylor Knight

Name: Taylor Knight

Age: 18

Birthday: September 10th

About Me: Not the best past. My parents split when I was really young. I lived with my mom back in Ireland while my dad moved up closer to London to work at a college. Now I am being forced to go to this college while my mother moves to America. LA to be exact. I dont wanna go to college though. I wanna go to LA and start something with my music. I am a singer, but really dont want people to know. I am waiting until I get to LA.

Fav. Color: Green/ Blue

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Chestnut/Brown

Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches (I learned to measure in the American System. Easier for me)