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Story published January 5, 2013 · updated February 9, 2013 · 9 pages · 1,478 readers · 12,472 reads
First fight
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First fight

Preference #3
You first fight
Drew: "Are you serious?! You flirted with that blonde right in front of me!" You yelled at him. "No I didn't Why can't you trust me {Y/N}?!" Drew asked walking into your guys' bedroom. You guys just got back from a party and the whole time Drew danced and flirted with a tall blonde in front of you. Ignoring you the whole night. "Maybe because you do this every time we go out!" You yelled while changing into something comfy. "But I don't go sleep or make out with them!" He yelled at me. That reached your breaking point, you sat on your guys bed and cried right in front of him. He sat next to you and held your hand, "{Y/N}, I love you. You mean everything to me. I wouldn't cheat on know me better than this.I don't want to fight with you babe," He whispered. "I love you too" You said. He smiled and gave you a lot passionate kiss. ♥
Keaton: You sat at the Hard Rock Cafe alone in New York. Keaton said he was going to meet you here because you both are in New York for New Years. Keaton has missed your past two dates and you forgave him. Once was fine, Two got you little bit more mad, but THREE set you off. You walked out and went back to the hotel you two are staying at walked into your guys room. There was Keaton sitting on the couch on his phone. "Hey babe," He said. You slammed your bag on the counter. He looked up and his eyes widened, "Our date." "Yeah OUR date which YOU stood me up! You left me at the Hard Rock Cafe so you can sit on the couch and play on your Phone!" You yelled. He quickly got up and tried to grab your hands but you pushed him away and limped to the bedroom. You twisted your ankle while angry walking to the hotel. You changed into Keaton's Sweats and your tank top. About five minutes later Keaton came in with a pack of ice. He sat on the bed and put the ice on your ankle. "I'm so so sorry I missed our date. I've been really caught up in the music and forgetting out dates. Please don't be mad at my sweetheart. I love you so much" He told you. "I love you too" You said. He smiled and kissed you. ♥
Wesley: "{Y/N} I'll be back. I'm going out with the boys" Wesley said walking into your guys bedroom where you were changing into comfy cloths so you guys can have a lazy night and watch movies. "But I was thinking me and you could stay in tonight and watch know? like me used to, " You smiled. "{Y/N} I need a life. I can just sit around and do everything with with you." He said. "You never see me though. You're always out with the boys Wes," You said. It was true Wesley went out every night and never got to see you. "Whatever {Y/N} I'n going out whether you like it or not." He said before leaving. You felt the tears build up in your eyes. He's never been so selfish or rude around you....ever. About 30 mins later you were still in bed crying when you felt someone cuddle up next to you. "Wesley?" You asked. "Shhh" He cooed. "I..I thought you went out," You said. "I couldn't go out knowing you were at home upset. I'm gonna stay here with you" He whispered. You turned to face him, "I love you." "I love you too," He said before kissing you, " about those movies?" You smiled and grabbed the movies that were on the nightstand. ♥

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