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Big Time Rush Preferences
Story published January 5, 2013 · updated November 23, 2013 · 197 pages · 15,557 readers · 338,014 reads
How You Two Meet
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How You Two Meet

Kendall: You tried your best not to be bummed that your aunt just so happened to be busy the day your little cousins were going to a concert and you just so happened to be free after your boyfriend broke it off.
"Thanks so much, (Y/N)," your aunt said as she left you alone.
*Waiting outside the concert*
You looked at the banners hung around the performing center. All of them said BIG TIME RUSH with four guys posing.
Great...another boy band.
You continued up the line until you finally got inside. When the lights went out and a countdown clock began ticking from 10 seconds, you knew this was going to be torture.
"YOU GUYS READY?" a boy with beautiful blonde hair said as he jumped on stage. You had to stare at his muscles beneath his shirt. "LETS DO IT!"
*after the concert*
you and your cousins waited in line. And you couldn't help but remember the way the guy looked straight at you when he sang. Like he was singing to you.
"Next, keep it moving," a security guard said. When the band met your cousins, you trailed behind and when it was time to leave, you almost got out the red roped area when someone grabbed your arm.
"hello, i'm Kendall," the blonde cutie said. you smiled.
"(Y/N)," you replied.
"Here..." he said, handing you a signed poster from all the guys. But outside in the car, you got a better look at it and realized he had written his number.
"THAT WAS AMAZING!" your cousins screamed as they clutched their new posters.
" was." you mumbled.

James: You hated your job at the cafe, but money was money which you needed for for college. Could your parents lend you money?Yes. Were they going to?Not a chance.
It was a busy LA saturday night and you tried your best not to be too mad at a picky customer.
"Table 4 just got customers," another waitress said. You trailed over and saw four guys holding menus and laughing together like brothers.
Obviously they weren't since one was hispanic, one had black hair, one had beautiful blonde, and one had the most gorgeous hazels.
"can...i-i uh...get you something?" you stuttered when all attention went to you.
"uh...cokes," the hazel eyed guy said. you could've sworn he was just as nervous as you.
"ok..." you said back, walking away. But you faintly heard one of the guys slap the hazel eyes in the and say 'go get her number, James.'
*An hour later*
When the rush lessened and the group of guys were ready to leave, you were totally bummed.
"Hey, uh..." James said, tapping your shoulder.
"yes?" you said professionally.
"I wanted to ask if you'd................if you take visa." he winced and drew a breath.
"Yes." you laughed and rang him up. "thanks."
"Hey i know this is awkward but can i walk you to your car?"
"uh my shift doesn't end for a while." you began to turn when he sat in a booth in your section.
"I'll wait." he opened the menu again. And at 11:00, he walked you to your car. And he came back every saturday since.

Logan: You tried your best not to stare too long at the boy staring back at you across the mall's food court. you looked back down at your book.
"Dude!" you heard suddenly. you looked up to see the guy standing toe to toe with another guy....which you recognized as your ex.
Great. you closed your book and trailed over.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" you demanded from him. (make up a name for him)
"this...a$$ just knocked into me without saying sorry." you rolled your eyes, as did Logan.
"Dude, sorry..." Logan said, trying to leave. But your ex picked him up from the shoulders and shoved him. Then left, leaving you to tend to the heap on the floor.
"Dang, he's strong," Logan said, dazed.
"I'm sorry...he's had anger problems since we started dating...they got worse when we broke up."
"Wow, surprised you survived." You helped him up and he held onto you.
"this is gonna sound weird but do you want to go to half price books with me?" you nodded and smiled at the dimpled cutie.

Carlos: Lounging at the beach was the best idea you ever had. New Jersey had its perks you admitted as you and your best friend sat in the sun and bathed in it.
"oooh, four hotties, 5 o'clock," she said, tipping her sunglasses down her nose.
"Huh?" you were in paradise but looked.
And of course, there were four shirtless guys were playing frisbee on an abandoned part of the beach. One of the guys with a tattoo running down the side of his torso looked at you and waved.
"Go play with him, (Y/N)!!" your friend said, slapping your butt and making you go.
When you got over, Carlos said hello and handed you the frisbee.
After a while you really got into the game and even wrestled Logan to the ground for the frisbee.
at sunset, the guys were packing up and helping your friend pack your stuff. But you and Carlos were in the water, enjoying the last of the light.
"You're really cool," he said, bringing you closer.
"thanks..." you said, bitting your lip.
"I'd love to see you again." he said.
" too." and the sun drifted passed the horizon.
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