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My happy ending
Story published January 6, 2013 · updated May 14, 2013 · 38 pages · 2,757 readers · 11,948 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

     I sat in the living room, flipping throught the channels. I sighed loudly and threw the remote on the coffee table. My throte burns like fire. I need blood. I need human blood. I have killed so many humans. I'm only two months old in vampire years. It really sucks, being all new at this. I heard Aunt Bella did "perfect". Why can't I? I have no control. Even my cousin smells good to me. Thats why I can't be around her as much anymore. It is for "the best". Being a full vampire sucks! I look like i'm 15 to! And my hair sucks! I can't even cut it! Atleast it's black. I like black hair. It's pretty! Blonde hair sucks man!

     "Miranda." My Father said while walking in. He looked at me with his Golden Yellow eyes and slightly smiled. "Would you like to go hunting? It could help a little." He sat next to me and smiled.

     I looked at him and bit my lip. "Yeah dad! I could go on a killing spree!" I smirked at him.

    He smiled and put his hand on my shoulder. "Now you know that is not what I meant Miran."

    I got up and yanked him up. "I know how you can cheer me up dad!" I could see the confusion all over his face. I dragged him outside. Today I will make him race me. I am a newborn, I could so stomp him at this! He is the strongest in this family, Also the second fastest. "You. Me. Race." I smirked at him and crossed my arms. "Unless your to...chicken."

     "Oh your on!" He said. "Alright kid, ready?" I nodded my head and got into my position. "In three...two...ONE!" He sped off quickly, leaving me right behind him. He ran faster and faster leaving me way behind. After a while he stopped and looked back at me, smirking. "I thought you were fast!" 

     I rolled my eyes and jumped on his back. Alright, I was wrong. I'm slower then Grandma. At least I like tried! I tighted my arms around his neck. "I'm faster then Grandma..So thats....Nevermind! Just run old man, run. I'm wayy to lazy to run back home." I heard him chuckle.

     He sped off. "You are such a child." He muttered under his breath. When we got home he stopped infront of his house. "You can get off now sweetie."

     I jumped off of him and gave him a big hug. "Daddy!!" I yelled. "I love you! Your not as lame as other parents, even though you can be lame. So since your not that lame, can I go see Embry?" I said while hugging him tighter. He dosen't like me hanging out with boys. He's always like "No Miranda Cullen! Blah blah blah!" It's annoying. Besides, Embry is my best friend. Since i'm alowed to go on wolf land, I always hang out over their. Mostly at Leah and Seths. Their mom, Ms. Clearwater is a really nice women! The Wolves are pretty nice to! Paul may not like me but thats his loss!

     "Well...I guess you can. Be careful though. Also call me. Don't go past your curfew either. Don't get into a fight. Don't cause any trouble. You know the rest of the rules. I love you." He said.

     "Thank you Dad! I love you to!" I gave him one more hug and ran to La Push. The only thing I hate about La Push is that it's always so sunny! It smells like wet dogs to! I bit my lip when I saw Embry. I sped over to him and looked down at him. He was laying down in the sand with his eyes closed. I guess he's asleep. "Embry! Wake up!" I yelled.

      He jumped up and smirked. "Miran!" He yelled. He grabbed me and pulled me into a big hug. "Hows my favorite leech! I haven't seen you in ages man! I like what you've done with your style. It suits you! So do the creepy red eyes!" He let me go and yanked me onto the sat. He layed down and looked up at the sun. He diddn't mind the whole "sparkling" thing as much as I did.

     I layed down next to him and smiled. "It's great to see you again Emb. I really have been missing my pet doggy! I see you haven't changed much. You seem so hyper." I smirked and messed up his hair.

    "Watch the hair dude!" He fixed his hair back in place and got up. "Lets party man! Wanna go skinny dipping?" He smirked and winked at me, in a non flirting way. 

     "Nooo. Maybe tomorrow man. Lets just walk for now!" I got up and grabbed his hand, dragging him behind me. We caught up on everything, He told me about how him and Quil pranked Paul, and how life was going for him. We also talked about my crazy obsession with blood and how I beat up My Uncle, Emmett. We spent all day talking and joking around. It was fun hanging out with him. When it was 9:50 I gave him a huge hug and said my goodbyes to him. I ran back home and barged into the house.

     My father put down his book and looked up at me. "It's 10:01. Your late." 

     "Very late young lady!" Uncle Emmett said while walking in and sitting next to Dad. "Someone could have killed you in that one minute! I was like so worried!" He smirked at me and pushed my father lightly. "Always playin Mr. Mom..Shame on you Jazzy! Isn't that Alices job?"

     I rolled my eyes. "I am sorry that i'm one minute late. Sue me." I smiled and sat next to him. "Why are you reading? Reading is boring and very bad for your mind. It makes you kill people." I said while grabbing his book. It's some civil war book.

     My father sighted. "Watch the sarcasm, okay? And Emmett stop being stupid. Act your age for once." He took his book from me and gave Emmett an evil glare. He got up and walked away.

     "Soo. What now Kiddo?" Uncle Emmett said while tugging on my arm.

     I looked at him and smiled. "Lets just sit here. We should..Watch football!" I said. I hate football but I owe him. I always bail on him.

     "Okay! Just don't bail on me. It sucks watching a game alone." He said. He grabbed the remote and turned it in a random football game. He got sucked it right after 1 minute. 

     I bit my lip and thought about my future, If I could ever love again, what will I become? I sighed to myself and watched the game.