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I knew you were trouble
Story published January 7, 2013 · updated February 3, 2013 · 4 pages · 106 readers · 146 reads
Chapter 1 -The beg
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Chapter 1 -The beginning is a great place to start.

It's that one name that brings back everything, that one face that you once loved, and that one voice that tore you apart. 

And that one name that sends everything around me crashing down is;



7th of November, 2011. 

I walked down the dim and cold streets of winter in Australia, with my scarf cuddled around my neck and my gloves tight around my wrists. My blonde hair blew as the wind whistled around me, and my breath came out in little foggy puffs. "Hey, blondie!" A young boy yelled out at me from his red wagon, as I kept walking towards my child hood home. He drove next to me, and I tried to ignore the boy that was following me. 

I took a side glance at him, and I had to admit that the creepy guy was quite handsome. His light brown hair was spiked into a quiff, and blew up every time a big gush of wind ran past it. His blue eyes were sparkling through the re-view mirror, and his skin was tanned and bronze. He looked around my age, and I urgently wanted to know his name. But you know what people say, 'Don't get in red wagons with hot creepy young people, because you never know that they might take you to a creepy village with a creepy old factory where they breed puppies.'  Nope, they do not say that.

"So, what's your name?" His bristish accent stood out to me, and I half smiled at his adorable accent. I was debating to answer or not to the cutie, and went with it. "Emily," I answered simply, continuing on my walk beside his wagon. "That's a lovley name. My name is Jonathan. Need a ride?"  Jonathan... I like that name. "Um, im just up the road but thankyou any way,"  I explained to him, letting him off easily and quickly. I had just realised the cigarette hanging out of his pink mouth, as he pouted at me. 

"What's the man gotta do to get with a woman like you?" He smirked through the puffs of smoke flying over to me from his cigarette. "If you take that cigarette out of your mouth, I'll let you give me a ride," I offered to him, and he nodded. He dropped the cigarette on the dirty and polluted pavement, and said, "Climb in," He didn't get out and open the door or anything just told me to get in. What a gentleman (note the serious sarcasm)

"So, you go to school?" I asked him, as we drove to the quiet hum of the radio. "Um, yeah. I go to Camberwell High School," He replied, which shocked me because I go there to and I have never seen someone as hot as him there in years. "I go there too," I tell him, trying to hide my excitment about him coming to our school. "Well, i'll have to find you there." He told me with an added wink, and stopped the car. "Yeah, this is my stop." I hop out of the car, and wave at him. "See ya later," He winks at me, and turns up the radio before zooming down the road.

As I walked into my house, I was really flattered. He was the first boy that had ever taken interest in me. Yes, I haven't kissed anyone or had a boyfriend, and im still a virgin. It's sad really, but I felt that this could lead to my first relationship, first kiss and first time in the bed room. I went up to my room, after saying hello to my family. I laid down on my bed, thinking about the mysterious boy that goes by the name 'Jonathan.' 


        And that was the start, of my terrible journey through love, and finding that love would never treat me right. It was a battle I was destined to loose and it always had been.