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Emblem3 Preferences, One Shots, and Imagines
Story published January 8, 2013 · updated November 29, 2013 · 49 pages · 7,281 readers · 118,564 reads
Personal Imagine f
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Personal Imagine for Arielle <3

Wesley Imagine:

I logged onto Skype, hoping to video chat with my best friend Sabrina. I met her on one of my favorite websites Quotev. Her and I got along real well, now we are more like sisters than best friends.

Any way, she lived about 4 hours from me, so needless to say we have never actually met face to face. Skype being the only way I can actually see her.

A while back ago she told me that she had added Keaton Stromberg (her crush) on Skype and it was the legit him. So I made one myself, and now we talk to him.

Even though talking with Keaton has been awesome, I've always had a longing to talk to Wesley. There is just something about that boy that get's my stomach doing summersalts.

Sabrina and Keaton have gotten really close throughout this whole experience, which I am more than glad for them. They are super cute together ;)
I sat at my computer daydreaming about Wes...something I find myself doing often lately..., when all of the sudden my laptop started to make the Skype call chime.

I fixed my hair and clicked the accept button, Sabrina's face slowly popped onto the screen. "Hey Arielle! Whats Up?" she leaned up closer to the camera "Hi Sabrina!..I was just usual...because I'm just cool like that." We both laughed, only her and I actually understand how weird eachother actually is. "Thinking about Wes I see." She winks. My face, of course, turning red from the mention of his name "Oh hush...Anyways...what are you doing?" 

She blushed and leaned back "Oh nothing I'm just....hanging out with Keaton." And as if on Que his head flung in front of the screen "Heyyy Arielle!" I shook my head, he's the biggest dork on the planet...well aside from his brother. "Hey Keats!" He flashed a devilish smile "So...Arielle...Sabrina has been telling me how much you admire my brother..." I quickly looked at her giving her the stink eye "She did what?!" 

Keaton laughed "no no it's alright...we have a surprise for you." He looked off camera and waved. "Have fun." Sabrina smiled, her and Keaton getting up and walking out of view. Leaving me a chair to look at. I sat there awkwardly for a few seconds until someone quickly sat down in the chair.

"Hey Arielle! How's my favorite Canadian doing?" He joked, I've only talked to him once before on IM when he hacked Keaton's account. He made up his own little nickname for me and everything.

We sat there for about two hours and just talked, about anything, everything. I looked down at the clock and suddenly remembered I was suppose to be studying. "Wesley...I have to go...I'm sorry...but I was suppose to study for my exams...Maybe we can talk some other time?" 

He smiled his normal charming Wesley smile " know...this kinda reminds me of Cinderella. The clock strikes twelve and the girl of my dreams has to rush away. But yeah, I hope you do well on your exams tomorrow." I smiled and nodded "Thank you Wes...tell Sabrina and Keaton I said goodnight." He shook his head "I will. Goodnight Canadian princess." You smiled even bigger at how corney that was "Goodnight Wesley."

And with that you hung up the video chat.

The rest is up to you.

(Based this off some facts and dreams ;3 )

Go check out her Emblem3 Preferences and Imagines!! She's requesting!


They will be mine unless otherwise stated. 
Thankyou <3 
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