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Death the kid is sick
Legend Of The Line
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Legend Of The Lines Of Sanzu

Maka stood up to Kid's cell door and turned to Soul, "Ready?"
Soul nodded.
Maka breathed  sigh and knocked.
"Come in." Kid rasped.
Maka looked at soul with dried eyes, "He sounds horrible."
"Open the god damn door."
She huffed at him and opened the door. "Kid?"
"Yes Maka, What is it?" Kid was in the corned with a stick drawing the number eight everywhere in the room.
Maka gasped at all the eights but shook her head, "Anyways we were thinking you could tell about the Lines of Sanzu."
Kid gasped and his eyes bulged, "Oh really? Well no one has ever asked but i'm sure dad wouldn't mind."
Soul shuffled his feet about a foot away from the two, "What the hell was the Lines of Sanzu? And why were they important?"
Kid sat down and soul did soul and maka around him so they could listen. 
"OK, so I might have said in the past that these lines I have are unremovable and they are but it wasn't because I didn't want them there."
Maka nodded and Soul became interested.
"So these lines contain more power than any family on the earth. They can literally destroy the earth but I need to be a full death mies-"
"AHH!" He screamed clutching his chest and curling up into a ball. He was shaking.
"Kid!" Maka screamed.
Soul suddenly heard a voice coming from the hall, a familiar one.
"Don't worry, he does that everyday, it only hurts him menatally."
Kid was still in a ball. 
Soul nodded, "Thanks Sid." He knew that voice anywhere.
Maka stared at Kid until he was done huddling in his ball.
He stopped shivering at sat up. His dark circles under his eyes had gotten blacker. "Damn" He muttered.
"What was I saying?"
Soul told him. And Maka glared.
Kid shifted uncomfortably and continued.
"So if we use it the wrong way every bit of horrible being and madness that we destroy will be sucked into our heads and as you well know when that happens, you'll become a Kishin."
Maka nodded shifting her feet.
"That's about it except for the story of my grandfather who iherited it but that's nothing special."
Maka and Soul nodded and got up to leave leaving Kid staring at the floor. Soul called to him "Hey."
"hmm?" Kid looked up like he was daydreaming."
"We'll be back to visit you with blackstar tsubaki liz and patty tommorow OK?"
Kid half smiled and nodded.
Maka slammed the door and halfway down the hall she whispered to Soul. "You didn't have to lie to him."
Soul sighed, "It's better off he doesn't know until it happens, imagine how scared you'd be."
"Yeah, the only one he is meeting tommorow is professor Stein...and the madness."

I am very sorry, I love sad endings cuz i just think they are naturally beautiful, so sorry if the ending is really sad.
Think what you think.