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I Love Only Silence Near (Chloe Lukasiak Fanfic)
Story published January 11, 2013 · updated May 23, 2013 · 20 pages · 5,230 readers · 36,990 reads
Trouble with the T
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Trouble with the Twinnies

Maddie Ziegler and Paige Hyland ------------------------------------>

*Chloe's POV*

I was checking my Instagram. Everyone was commenting, asking if I'd ever come back to ALDC. Ugh. Another thing that was trending was #whathappenedtothetwinnies. Another ugh. Wait a minute. What ever did happen to me and Paige? Me and her were still twinnies. What did they mean by 'what happened to the twinnies'? I clicked on the hashtag. Pictures of Maddie and Paige popped up. Millions of them. And I'm not kidding when I say millions. How many pics did they seriously take together since I've been replaced by some chick named Cassandra Lucas? I mean really. 

I checked Paige's account. All of her latest posts were of her and Maddie. Each description said, "BFFLS!" or "TWINZIES!" Twinzies? That sounds just like twinnies. And since when were Maddie and Paige 'twinzies?' It's ME and Paige and we're TWINNIES, not twinzies. My eyes filled up with tears and I started crying bad. 

I figured it would be break time at dance right about now. So I decided to ooVoo Paige. When she answered it was Maddie who picked up. "Hey, Chloe! What's up?" greeted Maddie.

"Nothing. Hey, where's Paigey-Mack?" I asked.

"My twinzie? Oh, she's getting fitted for her 'Broadway Babes' costume." Maddie replied.

"The duet was called 'Broadway BLONDES' and how is Paige doing the dance without me tomorrow?" I asked.

"Oh, that duet? I'm taking your place tomorrow in that number, but since I'm not a blonde we changed the name to 'Broadway Babes.'" Maddie answered super happily. It killed me inside when I heard that. That was MY special dance with my twinnie. Not the TWINZIES' special dance. 

I have truly been replaced. I guess that's what happened to the twinnies. 

"Bye." I said to Maddie, who hung up without a word.

That was it for the twinnies I'm guessing. It was nice while it lasted, but the Twinzies are the closest now. Paige was no longer a twinnie. She was now a twinzie.