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The Daughter's of Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures)
Story published January 12, 2013 · updated March 17, 2013 · 16 pages · 7,995 readers · 23,177 reads
Christbel Bagans
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Christbel Bagans

Name: Christabel Alexanderia Bagans

Age: 17

 Father: Zak Bagans
 Mother: Britaney Bagans
 Sister: Baby Bagans

Info: Hey! I'm Christabel Bagans. My dad is Zak Bagans. I have one younger sister, Baby Bagans. That's her real name. Mom and Dad didn't know what they were gonna name her so the nurse but her name as Baby Girl Bagans. They liked it. It's cute. We call her Baby Girl normally though. We travel around with Dad. Him and Mom got a divorce. Doesn't really surprise me though. I found out long ago that Mom didn't really love Dad. I didn't really like her cause she didn't like me. She thought I took too much attention away from her. I love my baby sister and my Dad. I love Aaron and Nick too. They are awesome. Well bye!


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