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Can't Shake You *Carl Grimes*
Story published January 13, 2013 · updated January 6, 2014 · 99 pages · 968 readers · 24,786 reads
Don't Cry, Blu
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Don't Cry, Blue Eyes

That night, I woke up.
The pain was extremely intense.
I sucked in a breath.
I swung my feet around,  and tried to walk.
My walking pace was off, and I had to move slow.
With one arm wrapped around myself, I made my way to my cell door.
I tried opening it. 
I couldn't yell, let alone talk, so they wouldn't know I was awake for a while.
I gently wrapped my fingers around the small metal bars of the door, my head hanging down.
It was nice to stand, to know that I wasn't so close to dying anymore.
I still had lost a lot of blood, which was another reason why I was so weak.
I tried to focus on my breathing because I kept stopping due to how much it hurt.
I gently growled, because I had changed positions and it hurt really bad.
I heard a small wail.
Judith, probably.
I heard crying, and someone saying "Shhh, are you sure?"
"She's a walker, Dad."
I still stood where I had before, but growled louder as I accidentally touched my wound. 
"Don't you hear her?" He said. "Isn't that evidence enough!"
Rick continued "Shhh"-ing Carl, and I decided to walk to the back of my cell.
I stood awkwardly, my arms hanging down, swinging with my painful gait.
I stopped and groaned, facing the wall with my head down.
I heard the cell door creak.
I turned slowly, my head still hanging.
I heard a gun being loaded.
"Dad, no!" Carl cried.
"What's going on?" Hershel and Daryl said at the same time.
"No. No! Goddammit! " Daryl screamed. I heard him throw something.
I didn't  understand what everyone is freaking out about.
The door started to click.
"Daryl, don't go in there." Hershel warned.
"Don't tell me what to do."
I felt Daryl's arms wrap around my skinny body.
"Why did this have to happen?" He yelled.
"No! You're gunna get bit!" Rick yelled.
I lifted a  hand and touched his arm.
My cell was dark, so he couldn't see my face.
I growled again, he had touched my injury.
He started to let go.
My arm gripped him, trying not to let him leave.
I dropped to the floor.
He turned around, and looked at me.
Tears made his blue eyes sparkle.
He walked out of my cell, pushing everyone away.
I saw Carl in his father's arms, trying to come to me.
Why wouldn't Rick let him in?
"Let's go back to bed everyone."
"We can't just leave her here like this!" Rick yelled, in a whisper.
Carl cried harder.
"We will take care of it in the morning." Hershel assured him.
They all left.
Why did they leave me here, and why are they sad? 
I shakily got to my feet, and walked to the small cabinet.
I dropped to the floor in the corner.
I later heard shuffling coming past my cell.
I turned my head, and saw Carl standing outside my cell.
The fight for survival is hard. But tie in love, hate, and enemies? You got a recipe for disaster.
Carl and Deejay♥