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Crazy life (teenage mutant ninja turtles love story)
Story published January 13, 2013 · updated December 31, 2013 · 3 pages · 219 readers · 830 reads
the girls
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The girls

Hi im suzy im the one in the white
im the oldest of my sisters at 17
and the leader
my wapeon of choice is
bow and arrow

the name is ray im the one in pink
i really dont know why pink but it is
im the hothead of the group
so stay away from my stuff 
i'm 17
my wapeon of choice
pointed disks

hello it's very nic to meet you i'm damei
or dem
i'm the smart on of the group at 16 1/2
so i take care of the tech and all that jazz
like i said im the smart one of the group so the miney i take care of also

manyly because we let
monny have it once and we were broke for 2 weeks
but any way
my wapeon of choice
is sai's or a bambo staff

hey party people im monny
im the youngest of the group
just turn 16
i love pizza and candy
oh ya dont give me candy its not a pretty site if you give me it

(then stop)
ya not fun temp learned that didn't you
(ya i did girl you bit me!! GUY SHE BIT ME SO DON'T GIVE HER CANDY AT ALL!!!!!)
ya go away HOTHEAD so anyway
my wapeon of choice