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Our Killer *Starring Mindless Behavior And You!*
Story published January 14, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · 17 pages · 1,531 readers · 11,806 reads
Not Her Again Part
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Not Her Again Part 2

Nyla's POV

Yn:at first I wasn't even gonna tell u.

She walked around to get in the truck. My hands remained over my mouth shocked. If he think he's getting away with this he's crazy. I flung open his door.

Nyla:get out
Prince:what's up with u?
Nyla:we gotta talk now in private.

"Okay.." he said following me to the back of the truck.
Nyla:u raped that girl?!
Prince:shhh who said that?
Nyla:that don't matter right now. What matters is did u really do it?
Prince:no babe. *pulls her close* I wouldn't lie to u. Now tell me who told u such a lie.
Nyla:well this girl in the gas station said y'all had sex then I ran out here to talk to Yn and she said u raped her.
Prince:*laughs* seriously? Come on Nyla u know me.
Nyla:now that I think of it. It does sound crazy *laughs*

Prod's POV

I grabbed Sabrina before she got in her car. She looked up at me and gasped. I pulled her out of the car.

Prod:if I was anything like prince I'd beat ur ass right now.
Sabrina:*smirks* nice to see u too baby. How u been?
Prod:how have I been? U tried to kill me!

Someone in the car beeped twice turning our attention towards them. I tried to see who it was but, the windows was tinted. I still had a good grip on her arm so she couldn't get away.

Sabrina:Whelp looks like I gotta go.

All of a sudden a sharp pain hit my stomach. Something wet dropped onto my shoe causing me to look. I started to stumble backwards before falling on my back. I found out the blood came from my stomach. She stabbed me.