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The Girl Who lived ( A Harry Potter Story )
Story published January 16, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · completed · 486 pages · 11,903 readers · 101,316 reads
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Our story begins on a secluded road , just south of Godric's Hollow.

A cloaked man walks along the side of the road , fingering his wand inside the vast amount of black fabric .

He ponders to himself as he nears his destination

 'How to go about this '

' the parents will not give up a fight easily , but the father will most likely play hero. Violet is an issue  '

He looks up , to see himself at a large manor , with pearly white stones and a perfectly trimmed garden

He trails his eyes over the house , breaking the fidelius charm they had set .

He now saw a young woman  , no older than 21 , holding a child in her arms .

' I guess she is alone '

He glides through the gates

The charms alarm goes off , and Violet's head snaps up 

" Take Scarlet upstairs , then hide as best you can " , she orders to her maid , who came rushing in
" but ..."
" NOW " ,she says ," I'll hold him off "
She takes one last look at her daughter before handing her the maid
She runs out the door , and into the night
" I know you are here ! Show yourself so I can kill you " , she hissed
a green flask barely misses Violet , and she traces it back to the sender
Voldemort stands there , wand raised
" You know why I have blessed you with my presence ", he said ," give me her "
Violet's eyes glowed a deeper violet color , and everything around her was consumed by darkness . her face, contorted , was dark with rage . a large purple beam shot up from her , and her platinum blonde flew back
" you won't touch her " , she said with rage

the purple beam explodes forward ,and sends Voldemort flying backwards 

Violet appears over him in an instant , wand raised at his heart

Voldemort looks at her , and then smiles an evil grin

" she is upstairs "

Violet's eyes widen , and she vanishes from the field and into the manor , flying up the stairs 

she burts into Scarlet's room , and finds the maid hiding the closet 

" you must leave , go to Godric's Hollow and warn Lily and James ! ", she shouted ," HURRY! "

The  maid flashed out of the room , leaving Violet with Scarlet in her arms 

and explosion went off down stairs at the front of the manor , and Scarlet began to wail

" shh " , She said to her , and she rocked her child in her arms 

tears begin to fill her eyes 

another explosion sounds , and Violet hears her childhood home split in two . 

The stairs suddenly shatter , and the second floor hallway was illuminated by a green flash

Violet springs back into the room , shielding Scarlet from the flying pieces of what was once her stair case .

She shakily puts Scarlet in her crib

" well well well " ,Voldemort sneers 

Violet whips around , wand pointed 

" stand down Violet , save yourself " , Voldemort inches closer , " I just want the girl " 

Violet stands still , and begins to weave a spell in her mind

It shoots out from her fingers on to Scarlet

She lowers her wand slowly

" good " , Voldemort smiles

her wand suddenly flies out , lashing a formidable spell at Voldemort

He bounces back


Violet screamed in pain , she was flung to the floor

Voldemort  slowly walks over , standing over a motionless Violet 

" I love you Scarlet " ,she whispered 

She touches her forehead , and their eyes glow together , red and violet .

The child grasps the railings as her mother breathes her last breathe 

Voldemort points his wand at Violet and Scarlet 

" stupid girl ", he says to Violet , " I always win "


And that night , Violet died . Voldemort left , in search of his next victims , the Potters . He was determined to destroy any chance of of this "chosen child"  ending him . 
But something strange happened  that night , something that would change the course of history forever . A young child , Scarlet , did not die from the killing curse . She lived . Her mother had placed a spell on her that night  ,  a spell more powerful than death . It was love . Love saved Scarlet that night , and with it Violet placed all of the events of Scarlet's life , for Scarlet to remember  .  Love was what stopped the Dark Lord . It was an old kind of magic , something Voldemort could not see . It stopped him that night twice , and the second time was to much for him to handle . And he disappeared from the world . The wizarding world  figured out about  Voldemort's demise at the hands of the baby named Harry Potter , and his name spread far and wide . But no one knew about Scarlet Rowling . No one knew that she was The Girl Who Lived  .