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Buckwild Love Story ~Shain Gandee~(Completed!)
Story published January 17, 2013 · updated June 19, 2013 · completed · 25 pages · 3,675 readers · 13,943 reads
Settling in and me
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Settling in and meeting new friends

                                                                                                                Nicolette's POV

                I was really excited that we were finally unpacked and ready to explore the town we are going to be staying at for the whole summer. I really wanted to start drawing all the open fields and maybe some of the horses, I waited in the living room for the rest of the girls who were taking forever to get ready. They feel they need to look perfect for first impressions...I don't see the big deal, once they were finally ready we walked around in search for town but weren't having any luck.

        "Maybe we should ask for directions." Julianna said. I looked around and saw that there were no one to ask. 
        "Okay I will ask the next horse we see." Brianna said jokingly, I looked at her and shook my head giggling. Just as we made it to end of the street we heard roaring of what sounded like motorcycles. Up ahead were three boys heading towards us really fast, I grabbed Shannon by the arm pulling her out of road, the boys all stopped and turned their cycles off. 

        "You girls lost?" Asked of the boys, he had shagging hair that hung over his forehead. The second boy had short black hair, he looked like he could a model really, and lastly the third boy wore a hat, sunglasses. 

        "We are new here...we are trying to find town." Samantha said. The boy with the sunglasses took them off and put them on top of his hat.

        "Yous girls are heading the wrong is this way." He said. 
        "I'mm Tyler, this is Joey, and Shain." The model looking boy said, Joey was the one with the shaggy hair, and Shain was the one who had a very strong country accent.

         "Makes sense thanks I am Samantha, this is Brianna, Julianna, Shannon, and lastly Nicolette." Samantha said introducing us. While the rest of the girls said hello I just looked down at my shoes.

        "We're heading to town now we can walk you girls if you want." Tyler offered. I think we can manage without their help.
        "Sounds great." Julianna said, of course she would take them up on their offer. They climbed off their bikes and we began to walk back to where we started.  I stayed behind the group, I really didn't want to be around those boys plus this is a good chance to choose  what I want to start drawing. I looked ahead and watched as Samantha talked intensely to the Joey boy, he seemed to be actually listening, Julianna was holding onto Tyler's arm as they laughed. Shain was sort of lagging behind them, I made sure to stay behind him. I was doing a great job till he slowed down even more.

        "Don't want to leave ya behind now." He said now walking beside me. I started to get really nervous, I didn't know what to say or to even say it. I just looked at him and smiled, Brianna turned around and saw that I was alone with him thankfully for me she knows how I am and came back to rescue me. 

        "So Shain what's there to do for fun around here?" She asked stepping in between us. 

        "Hell a whole lot, tonight I am having a party at my house if you girls wanna come." He said. 

        "Great sure we will be there." She said. I sighed and just looked ahead hoping we would arrive to town soon. 

                Once we reached town the boys said their goodbyes and finally we were on our own to venture into the stores. Brianna and I went to the bookstore while Samantha, Shannon, and Julianna went to a small clothing store. I wandered through the shelves of books reading each title real carefully. 
          "Are you excited for the party?" Brianna asked coming up behind me.
          "N...not really." I said. I pulled a book out called Beautiful Disaster.
          "Of course you aren't, maybe that Shain kid and you will hook up." She teased. I put the book back and turned to look at her. 
         "I d...doubt that, I don't see anything I like here we better get going."  I told her, she just shrugged as we heading out the store and in search for the other girls. We met up with them in the middle of town. I was actually ready to go and so were they. 

        Once we got home the girls got ready for tonight, I wasn't in any rush to get ready let alone in a rush to go. I saw that Julianna and Brianna were applying makeup that they didn't need, they both had natural beauty. Samantha and Shannon were fighting over what to wear, I went to my room and laid down on my bed. Once the girls were ready to I decided I would stay home, they weren't happy about it but its not like they could force me to go right? When they left I curled up in bed and drifted off to sleep, I started to think about home, I wish I was there but being here a one time thing that we most likely wont do again. We have planned this for two years and now that we made that plan reality we promised to make it a vacation to remember. I have my doubts about this trip though, I didn't want to go out and party, I wanted to spend time with my friends and have clean fun but of course they have different ideas of fun and that involves alcohol and boys. 

        "Shhhhhh we don't want to wake her up!" I heard what sounded like Julianna, I opened my slightly and saw the living room and kitchen light on. I climbed out bed and walked out of room the kitchen was crowded by the girls and those three boys.

        "Too late." Tyler said laughing...they were drunk. Shain looked at me and smirked. 
        "We aren't in trouble are we?" Brianna asked leaning on Samantha...jeez how could they all get drunk on our first night?

        "We walked them home to make sure they got here alright." Shain said to me. 

        "We made it!!!" Brianna yelled falling flat on her butt, everyone began to crack up. I shook my head no wanting to deal with this.

        "Babe stand up!" Joey yelled trying to help her up but he was making everything worse.
        "M...maybe you guys sh...should stay here tonight to." I said. 

        "If you don't mind that would be good." Shain said, thank goodness he wasn't drunk. Julianna led Tyler to her room I wanted to stop her but I wasn't going to argue with her about it. Joey and Brianna crawled into the living room and passing out of the floor. Samantha and Shannon managed to get to their rooms without any problems, which left Shain and I alone. 

        "I didn't think they were going to get that out of hand." He said apologetic. 
        "T...they like to have a good time." 
        "Why didn't you come?" He asked. 
        "I...was really tired...partying isn't something I do." He nodded his head. 

        "Um...I will go get you blankets for you." I went into my room and grabbed an extra blanket I had packed, I returned and Shain was in the living room lying down on the couch. " you go." I handed him the blanket.

        "Thanks." I nodded my head and returned to my room...I just want tonight to be over.