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One Direction Preferences [completed]
Story published January 17, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · completed · 122 pages · 55,513 readers · 443,759 reads
13.Baby names [Req
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13.Baby names [Requested]

Niall: “If it’s a girl we should name her….. Belle?” He said in more of a question, seeing his eyes reading the author’s names of the books that sat on your shelf you smiled widely, kissing Niall’s nose as you sat between his legs, arms wrapped around your forming baby bump. “You’re just reading author’s names silly.” Nuzzling his nose into your neck he left small kisses along your skin making you giggle. “How about if it’s a boy we name him Niall Jr., we can have another crazy leprechaun running about.” He processed your words, squeezing his eyes in thought, his eyes lit up in agreement. “It would be like having a little twin! And if we have twins we can name the girl Y/N Jr.” Shaking your head with a smile, your head resting on his shoulder. “I don’t think there are any girl juniors Ni.” Looking at the side of his face he peered down into your eyes smiling. “I don’t care, we can be a unique family!” Pressing his lips to your forehead you sighed happily resting in his arms. “Yes we can have a unique family, filled with many juniors.”

Louis: “Helga!” He shouted brightly, wrapping his arms slowly around your waist, resting his hands on your stomach which tugged underneath your shirt that really was Louis’s, you couldn’t fit in your other shirts before of your growing baby bump. Louis found it extremely attractive every time he saw you. Stirring around the chicken in the pan you looked at him confusingly. “What about Helga?” You asked, kissing his lips lightly before turning back to the sizzling food. “We can name our daughter that!” Your eyes widened, looking at him as if he was crazy he broke out in laughter. “HA HA! You thought I was serious. Silly goose.” Thumping your forehead you scowled at him even though a smile was on your lips. “I like Adie.” You admitted, resting your hand on your hip. “Adie Tomlinson. I like it. Now how about a middle name?” Sighing your smudged your hand against his cheek. “How about we wait until we see if it’s a girl or not first yeah?” Pouting he slapped your bum and shrieked like a woman as you threw fruit at him.

Harry: “I hope it’s a boy.” You spoke excitedly, rubbing your stomach Harry stood behind you, one hand rested on top of yours while the other lay on your side. Both waiting in the doctor’s office you were bound to find if it was a boy or a girl. You were well into your pregnancy and Harry was glowing in happiness. “I want a girl first.” Harry said in response, turning around to the point where your stomach brushed his side. “I want a boy so when our little girl gets hurt by anything or anyone he can protect her when we can’t.” Seeing his lips break out into a smile he leaned down cupping your cheeks  your lips connected for some seconds. “Our little Darcy and..?” He wasn’t sure of the boy name you both wanted, it was for sure the girl will be named Darcy because it has always been Harry’s dream and you didn’t want to ruin it. “How about we name him… Denny?” For a reason your didn’t know you always loved the name Denny, also because that is where you and Harry had your first date, at Denny’s. “Oh I see where you are getting at. We shall have double d’s.” He said with a smile, for a moment you both paused and processed what he had said, then suddenly you both broke out in laughter, earning a few odd stares.

Zayn: “No” “Yes” “No” “Yes “No” Groaning you smashed your face into a nearby pillow, feeling his hands snake around your waist and soon his sweet lips against your skin. “We will just keep disagreeing Zayn, can’t we argue when I actually have a baby bump?” He mumbled something but you couldn’t hear because he was so close to your, not that you didn’t like it. “But I want to be prepared to name or little girl or boy.” He whined, snuggling closer to your side you shook your head in laughter. “Zayn you are such a bum.” Sitting up you picked up the open book that was filled with hundreds of names, Zayn wanted to just look through it for an idea, so far nothing that you could agree on. “How about Sammy?” You said confidently but he immediately disagreed. “Andy?” “No.” “Billy?” “No, not that one.” “Ooo what about Randy!” He shook his head and you groaned shutting the book. “You stubborn boy.” Flicking his nose he stuck out his tongue, rubbing your hair into a tangled mess. “We should just ask your mum tomorrow, she probably has good ideas.” You grumbled, smiling he leaned down kissing along your jaw line. “You just like teasing me don’t you?”

Liam: Sitting on the couch watching a movie with Liam, who happened to pop into the bathroom real quick, you sat snuggled up in a blanket. Wrapped around your large baby bump, your belly button showed as the shirt occasionally rolled up from being too small. Feeling a kick coming from your stomach you gasped in shock, placing your hand son your belly you heard Liam’s running feet. “Did your water break!?” He shouted frantically, laughing you shook your head, taking a seat beside you once again. Placing his hand on your stomach he to gasped at the feeling of the baby kick. “Ah our little Rupert.” You froze looking at him with a raised eyebrow. “Rupert? No way are we naming him Rupert.” You said with a snap of your fingers. “I was kidding love, but really we need to come up with a name soon, your due in two weeks.” Smiling you kissed his cheek, resting your hand on his. “Let’s name him Harold!” Liam snorted, looking at your playfully. “Just because Harry dared you to name the baby Harold doesn’t mean you have to do it!” Rolling your eyes playfully he rubbed your nose with his. “We can name him Jeremy.” Liam thought about it for a moment and then smiled. “Sounds perfect love.”

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