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Story published January 20, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · 29 pages · 13,962 readers · 91,181 reads
Silent Treatment I
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Silent Treatment Isn't The Way To Go

I woke up, embraced in masculine arms. ‘Tamia seriously works out’ I thought to myself. “Hey baby, about time you woke up” I knew that voice, it was Roc. I despised him at the moment, he killed my father! I refuse to talk to somebody who would ever consider hurting my family, let alone kill one of my closest. I cut my eye after him and got up. I walked up to the mirror, I was still in the sweats and shirt I got from Roc. I gazed at my bruises on my arm, which were my Ray, and my neck, that were by Roc.
I saw Roc stare at me in confusion by the reflection of the mirror, I looked away and started to go downstairs for some breakfast, when I entered the kitchen the laughter was silenced. Ray stood up and hugged me, “I’m sorry, I missed Tammy.” He whispered in my ear, clearly talking about my arms, I rubbed them, reminiscing on that day. I sat down like nothing happened, like I was normal. “So are we just gonna sit here in silence, or eat some food, cause I’m hungry!?!” I questioned in a joking matter, trying to clear the tension. Everyone laughed and went back to their own thing.
Roc came into the kitchen with his face showing no emotion, “Ashley, can I talk to you?” He asked in a small voice, but loud enough for everyone else to hear. I carried on eating my bacon like I couldn’t hear him. Like I said, I refuse to talk to people who harm my family. He slammed his fist to the table for attention, causing the table to shake and my orange juice to fall. I flinched but got up to clean the mess up. “Ashley… talk to me…I’m getting pissed how you just ignore me, when I didn’t even do anything!” He screamed at me whilst he locked us in the large cleaning cupboard. I silently laughed at him saying he didn’t do anything. I looked up and he was full of rage. My tongue dried up instantly. I couldn’t speak even if I wanted to. “Now. Answer. Me” he said, trying to contain his anger, but his eyes showed it all. I tried to talk but no sound was leaving my mouth. Before I knew it I was laying on the ground, with a great deal of force pounding my face continuously. I couldn’t even scream, or cry, I was out of tears.
“Now that’ll teach you to answer me when im talking to you.” He laughed as he got up off of me. He unlocked the door and simply said , “Oh, you should clean that juice up” as he left the cupboard. Prince looked at me from the table with his face full of remorse, he cut his eyes away from me when Roc interfered with him. I picked up the cleaning products and went to the table where Prince, Ray, Prod, Roc and Tamia sat. Tamia gasped as she saw my face and gave a dirty look to Roc who just shrugged. I wiped the juice up and sat back down to finish my bacon. Roc put his hand on my thigh and I jumped back from his touch.
Tamia broke the awkward silence that was at the dinner table, “I was thinking of taking Ashley shopping, she cant live without underwear, clothes and shoes that don’t even fit her.” She mentioned. Roc shook his head of disapproval. “She’ll escape. We cant trust her.” “I thought Ray and Jake could come with us, you and Prod have to be on surveillance for the Smith house anyway.” Tamia pleaded. He hesitated but agreed. He called Prince over and mumbled something to him, Prince stood there wide eyed, and looked as if he’d seen a ghost but he nodded.
Tamia gave me some clothes and a bra to change into, I took another pair of Rocs boxers, but put them down, I don’t want to wear anything of his anymore. I walked out and went into Prince’s room and got some boxers that had the british flag on them, I smiled as I thought of my dream, to move to London, it seems so amazing there. I changed into sweatpants and a tank top, but they actually fit me, except the bra, it felt so tight and small.
As we arrived at the mall, we first went into a underwear shop. Ray and Tammy started flirting and looking at the sexy underwear, I rolled my eyes as I walked with Prince who looked uncomfortable. “You know, it looks like me and you fought each other” he joked, it seemed like when he joked, he became less nervous. I smiled sweetly at him and he returned it. I walked to a woman that worked there who looked at us in total shock, probably the bruises and forthcoming scars. I looked at Prince and we both laughed, thinking about what he’d said earlier. The woman asked how she could help. “I need some underwear, I recently moved and everything got lost, so I’m wearing basically anything.” She directed me to the measuring area so she could find something best for me. As she measured me up, she left to find a few underwear sets.
“Aye, when you said you’re wearing anything, I didn’t think you meant putting on MY underwear” he laughed, I smiled and blushed he stood up and took my chin. “Don’t hide a beautiful face & a beautiful smile” I felt myself go red again. We both started to lean in unison. The woman interrupted us. We both blushed and he sat down. “Okay, so you’re a 36DD, we don’t have much here, we usually cater to smaller breasts but I have 5, that’s been paid by your boyfriend here, you can put one on now if you want.” I nodded and blushed, 1) because she said my size loud enough for everyone to hear 2) because she said Prince was my boyfriend. I changed into the green set of underwear. As I come out of the changing room Prince gaped at me. “Damn mamacita, you is a Double D?” he shouted, I laughed. We was interrupted by Roc, who stared at Prince who had his arm around my waist, and at me who was holding his boxers.
Damn, when they say silent treatment is never the way, I didn’t think it’d mean a psycho abusive boy who kidnapped you, killed your father, beats you and the boy you instantly clicked with finds you in an underwear shop with your friend shouting your cupsize with his arm around you and you holding his boxers that you’ve been wearing….. I might just die tonight.. or at least be in a coma. But I’m more scared for Prince. This was a BAD idea.