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Kidnapped~A :Loki love story:
Story published January 21, 2013 · updated May 16, 2013 · completed · 21 pages · 1,550 readers · 10,100 reads
<3 Character In
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<3 Character Information<3

Name: Melissa Gorge
Race: Angel
Looks: short black hair that goes to the shoulders, beautiful dark brown eyes, a beautiful slim curvy body, and long white angel wings.
Personality: Sweet, nice, kind, and could be a trouble maker.
Hobbies: Sing, have fun, steal, dance
Back round: The heavens is your home. You and your friends always causes problems up there. You never really get punished because well you use your inocent acts to get out of trouble with the leaders.
"MELISSA!" My friends shouted as they flew towards me.
I laughed as they crashed into me making me fall back.
"Whats up guys?"
"We have bad news Melissa,"
"What is it Emily?"
"The frost giants they have entered in our kingdom,"
"The guards are dead they snuck in here and now-"
She didn't have time to finish her sentance as screams were being heard all around the heavens. Things began to burn and fall to the grounds.
"Oh no," I whispered.
"Melissa listen to me," Alex said while shaking me.
"You have to hide,"
"Because the frost giants... there after you,"
I had gasped.

Nothing will ever break us apart.