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Kidnapped~A :Loki love story:
Story published January 21, 2013 · updated May 16, 2013 · completed · 21 pages · 1,550 readers · 10,100 reads
<3 Soul Mates?
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<3 Soul Mates? <3

Her eyes had widened in fear.

"Y-Y-Y-Your QUEEN?!"

"Yes my dear you and I are soul mates,"

"N-N-NO!" She shouted as she began to fly away.

"GAURDS!" I shouted.

They instently came and grabbed hold of her.

Mellisa's POV

I tried to fly away but the guards held me on both arms.

"YOU PROMISED THAT YOU WOULDN'T FLY AWAY!" He yelled as if he sounded hurt.

"Yeah well im not the type of angel who keeps promises,"

he growled.


They nodded there heads and basicly dragged me to the brig.

"GET IN THERE YOU!" One of them yelled as they throw me inside.

Once inside they locked the cell door and left; leaving me all alone in the dark cold cell.

Loki's POV

I paced around the room. I was angry, beyond angry. She promised that she wouldn't run more like fly away and what does she do she flys away!

"My Lord the task is done," one of the brothers said as he kneeled in front of me.

"Good we must rip that tesseract inside of her,"

"How my ledge?"

I ignored there questions as I made my way down to the cell. I looked around and finally found her in a dirty old cell. She was laying on the ground with her wings spred open.

'Should I cut them off?' I thought so she couldn't fly away anymore.

"Get up," I demanded.

Slowly; oh ever so slowly she began to get up.

"What do you want Loki?"

oh how I love it when she says my name. I want her, no more like need her. Am I in love with a woman who I don't know?

"if you promise this time not to fly away I will let you go,"

"As in home?" she asked with no emotion in her voice.

"NO!" I boomed.

She flew back against the wall scared.

"Im sorry Mel it was an accident,"

"What did you just call me?"


"DONT EVER CALL ME THAT UNDERSTAND?!" She shouted as she flew over to the bars and gripped them tightly.

I turned and began to walk away.

"LOKI WAIT!" She called as I was up the steps.


"please stay im sorry,"

I sighed and went back down the stairs and went over to her cell.

"im here for you," I said as I gripped the handle bars.

I felt her fingers touch mines as she held onto them as well. My heart skipped beats. What is this? I cannot be in love with my prisonar.


I moaned a little when she said my name.

"Yes?" I breathed.

Mellisa's POV

I was playing with Loki's emothions. I can tell he liked it when I called his name. If I act like I fell in love with him he might let me go.

"I will be your queen,"

his eyes bright up like the sun.

"Really?" he asked in a happy voice.

I nodded my head.

"Really," I lied.

"Then prove to me,"

"Get me out of this cell and I'll show you,"

he smiled as he began to fumble with his keys. He unlocked my cell and stepped back. I walked up towards him and put my hands on hiis chest.

"Show me," he breathed as our foreheads were touching each other.

He leaned in to kiss me. Before his lips could touch mines I pulled him to me and his lips fell on mines. He kissed me back harder. Sparks were flying every where. He pushed me back against the cell wall, he pressed his body hard against mines. I moaned loud when he bit my bottom lip hard causing him to slip his tounge in. we had a war, no more like a battle. His hands roamed around my body as I snaked my arms around his neck. I pulled away to breath and we were both panting

"Happy now?"

"Still not convinced.... maybe another lips to lips will help,"

I laughed.

"Its called kissing Loki," I smiled.

Shockingly I moved my lips back to mines once again. Is it wrong for an angel to kiss an evil God like Loki? Is it wrong of me to slowly melt into the kiss? Is it wrong for me to-

he pulled away from the kiss and stepped back a little. He was smirking.

"Your kisses are tender and sweet,"

"Your are rough and full of passion,"

he smiled from ear to ear.

"Come my queen we must take the tesseract out of you,"

Nothing will ever break us apart.